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Additional Services

Use a Proven Framework and Methodology to Implement, Execute and Review. 

The Residential Aged Care Sector is under significant financial pressure, therefore unlocking the potential to increase revenue is crucial. Offering consumers additional services is a strategy that providers are starting to embrace with more vigour. 

Additional services in aged care aims to enhance the consumer’s lived experience by providing services beyond the essential mandated care and services required under the Aged Care Act. 

By offering additional services, you can meet the unique needs and preferences of your consumers while also generating supplementary revenue to support the financial sustainability of your organisation. 

These services have been likened to hotel-type services and can either be on-demand or in a package scenario depending on the key drivers in your organisation. 

The key elements to ensuring your success in rolling out an additional services strategy include understanding:

    • Your consumers’ personal preferences
    • The local competition and your value proposition
    • Your operational capabilities and not over-promising 
    • Your financial model and expectations 
    • The importance of the transformation required
    • The compliance environment and recognising consumer deterioration
    • The need to be agile and adapt to consumers’ needs
    • The implications to existing consumers when implementing in a live home vs new home

What’s included?

Our proven methodology encompasses seven clear and distinct stages. Stages 1-5 are the foundations required to ensure stages 6 and 7 are achieved with optimal outcomes.  

The Anchor Excellence Additional Services program can be tailored to meet your specific requirements and can include the following:

    • An initial 30min complimentary scoping session with an Anchor Leader
    • A 1hr workshop with key stakeholders and onboarding of the Anchor Excellence Additional Services tool 
    • One day on-site (depending on the size of the home and number of consumers) to complete the audit and consumer interviews 
    • Desktop review of existing program and compliance to the Aged Care Act 
    • A comprehensive report outlining recommendations and 1hr debrief session
    • Setting up and chairing the Additional Services Project Control Group Meeting
    • Financial modelling 
    • Procurement support if required
    • Provision of templated frameworks
    • Provision of templated Policies and processes
    • Brochure content creation 
    • Staff handbook content creation
    • Staff Education
    • Quarterly sustainability and compliance visits 
    • Chairing of the Consumer Advisory Body meetings.

The benefits of the Anchor Excellence Additional Services methodology and framework include;

    • Consumer satisfaction
    • Compliance 
    • Transformation success
    • Revenue increase and diversification
    • Program sustainability and viability

At Anchor Excellence, our Leaders have been involved with implementing and executing additional services programs and transitioning from Extra Services to Additional Services for over ten years. The complexity and compliance requirements should not be underestimated. Please reach out to book in your complimentary 30min discovery session. We look forward to talking to you!