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AnchorCompliance Program

All your compliance turnaround requirements covered; from report analysis through to full sanctions support with statutory appointments for Advisers & Administrators.

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AnchorCompliance provides a full suite of services for statutory and non-statutory assistance relating to non compliance. The services include Governance &
Business Administrator and Clinical Advisor appointments.

Anchor Excellence provides Compliance Remediation services to homes in a number of ways:

  1. Statutory Appointments – In accordance with Legislative Requirements (i.e. homes who have been sanctioned and must comply with directions as per the Notice of Decision to Issue Sanctions NDIS).
  2. Non – Statutory Appointments – Increasingly, AnchorCompliance has been deployed in organisations as a proactive response to identified risk and potential non-compliance to the Aged Care Quality Standards.

Why AnchorCompliance?

  1. The home has been sanctioned by The Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission and is required to make Statutory Appointments of an Advisor and/or Administrator
  2. The home has received a non-compliance notice or not mets through Commission contact – the work required to return to compliance requires additional resourcing and guidance (outside of what the organisation can provide)
  3. The homes internal systems have identified risks and opportunities for improvement
  4. Accreditation is on the horizon and the Board/ Executive are seeking independent feedback to track compliance risk
  5. The home or organisation have changes in key personnel and leadership
  6. There has been an increase in complaints and the Executive / Board are wanting to better understand the risks at the home and put a remediation plan in place
  7. Home’s are transitioning out of a period of non compliance or sanctions and require independent monitoring to reduce the risk of regression

What’s Involved?

  • A documented Compliance Remediation Plan to give clear guidance and structure to the Compliance Remediation process
  • Complete assistance with Commission report analysis, PCI development and compliance remediation service using our signature ‘Compliance Remediation Framework’
  • Review of all systems and processes to ensure that identified gaps are rectified and process improvements are made
  • Consumer engagement strategies to understand Consumer voice
  • For Statutory Appointments, engagement with the Regulator as required
  • Regular reporting on progress towards return to compliance
  • Development of required training plans to address non compliance
  • Monitoring and review of all critical incidents and compulsory reporting
  • Evaluation of progress against PCI and Remediation Plan
  • Support and assistance with preparation for Commission Visit

What are the benefits?

  • Proactive Compliance remediation with experienced and proven compliance remediation framework and team
  • Available and experienced advisers and administrators
  • Track record of success in enabling significant non compliance to be remedied to a sustainable performance

Anchor Leaders

Cynthia Payne

Managing Director

Carla Beheram

Chief Operations Officer

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