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Aged Care Management Courses

AnchorAcademy provides bespoke aged care management courses and professional development solutions to in-home care and aged care organisations to enable your staff to improve their performance and capability. We have practical, on the ground experience in managing aged care organisations and working in the business. We can tailor education and support based on your individual needs.

Aged Care Standards in Australia

The Australian aged care landscape is undergoing an enormous transformation. The fast-paced reform agenda and critical changes in the regulatory environment are leading to disruption for many in-home care and aged care organisations at multiple levels.

In this new arena, strong leadership is paramount. AnchorAcademy was born of the recognition that any business operating within or alongside the aged care sector will be experiencing varying degrees of impact across many facets of their business.

AnchorAcademy has provided aged care courses and professional development to over 5,000 participants, leading to improved capability from Boards, Executive and Middle Management to Care Teams.

AnchorAcademy - Masterclasses

The AnchorAcademy masterclasses have been created to assist providers in meeting aged care quality and safety standards and regulatory compliance across all standards. These masterclasses have become increasingly popular over the past  three years and have helped to make a significant improvement in over 100 aged care homes across Australia.

Clinical Management and Governance Essentials

This masterclass combines evidence-based modules that are all focused on improving the outcomes and experiences of your consumers and enabling the provision of safe and quality care in alignment with the Aged Care Quality and Safety Standards.

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Compliance Essentials: Key Personnel Masterclass

Designed for Aged Care personnel, this masterclass focuses on enabling the capabilities of leaders in delivering on their key personnel obligation and approved provider responsibilities. This masterclass is run in collaboration with Thomson Geer.

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Compliance Essentials: Key Personnel Masterclass (Directors Cut)

This condensed version of the 6 module Compliance Essentials Masterclass has been designed specifically for time poor Board Members who need to better understand the specific aged care compliance landscape. This masterclass is run in collaboration with Thomson Geer.

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New Graduate and New to Industry Program

The course combines evidence-based modules that are all focused on supporting new graduates and new to industry registered nurses to understand their role and begin the transition from novice to expert clinicians.

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Aged Care Short Courses – Anchor Academy

AnchorAcademy provides a range of short courses and training to choose from across emerging hot topics in aged care. If you are looking to develop your skills and prepare yourself for upcoming changes, Anchor Academy is the place for you to do just that.

Why should you attend AnchorAcademy short course?

In a constantly changing sector, Aged Care providers and workers need to make sure that their skills base is always up to date. AnchorAcademy is designed to always give you the most current information, and the most relevant to what is going on in the sector.

We also specialise in education in topics that cover the basics in in-home care,  residential aged care and disability such as preparing you and your home for assessment visits, and how to assess consumer deterioration in a consumer.

Assessment Visit Readiness - Accreditation and Unannounced

This program is designed to support clinical managers and leaders  working in residential aged care and home care services. It navigates the complexity of the changing environment, in line with changing consumer expectations.

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Clinical Governance - High Impact / High Prevalence Risk

Following each of the eight Aged Care Quality and Safety Standards, this training and education session will assist you to understand your ability in assessing the risk in your home and what your accountability is. You will also learn about each high-impact risk in home care and residential aged care and how you can minimise those risks.

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Clinical Governance for Directors

Providing safe and quality care for consumers requires all aged care and nursing home [delete nursing home] managers to actively participate in the management and monitoring of care and services being provided to consumers. This session will cover a high level look at clinical governance in aged care and how it can affect your operations and consumer safety, lived experience and wellbeing.

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Principles and Practices of Incident Investigation

Incident Management and Investigation documents details of the event, responds and communicates clearly and effectively to all involved, identifies any causes of the incident, and puts strategies in place to minimise the risk of future incidents occurring. This management course covers the basics of the Incident Management and Investigation process and what this means within home care and aged care settings.

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Restrictive Practice and Behaviour Support Planning

This aged care management course will guide you through the legislation and help your understanding of the amendments and how to implement them in your service. These sessions will also consider the changes to the way that restrictive practice and behaviour support planning is monitored and regulated in Aged Care homes.

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Recognising and Responding to Consumer Deterioration

This training and education session is designed to support clinical managers and leaders working in residential aged care and home care services. It navigates the complexity of the changing environment, in line with changing consumer expectations.

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This session has been designed to give you a specialised look into the Australian National Aged Care Classification (AN-ACC) Tool. The session will cover the basics of the tool, as well as a more in depth discussion about how it affects a home.

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What our participants have to say:

Something you can’t find? AnchorAcademy specialises in bespoke training and packages that can be tailored to your vison, mission and values. Contact us to find out more about how we can help you.

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