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Ensuring your organisation is accreditation ready, aligned to the Aged Care Quality Standards and delivering safe and quality care is crucial in order to meet your Approved Provider responsibilities and obligations. 

The robust and faced paced reform agenda requires rapid change and increased knowledge and capability across all levels, from Board and Executive to Registered Nurses, Care teams and General Service staff. 

At Anchor, we acknowledge that sustaining change in this environment, while also dealing with workforce demand issues, legislative changes and navigating consumers’ complex health issues requires resilience, stamina and good governance. The AnchorAssure Home Review and the AnchorSustainability Program will give you the information you need to address any issues and ensure compliance both now and in the future

AnchorAssure Home Review


The AnchorAssure Home Review provides a comprehensive audit of your organisation’s internal systems and processes, identifying potential issues that may result in compliance issues, such as Not Mets, a Notice to Agree or a Sanction. The home review also provides your organisation with key recommendations and opportunities for improvements. 

Why book an AnchorAssure Home Review?

  • Accreditation is on the horizon, and the Board and or Executive is seeking independent feedback to identify and track compliance risks. 
  • The Board wants to support their Executive team by obtaining independent progress feedback on the service’s current Continuous Improvement programs and notice of any new risks.
  • A transformation agenda is underway that requires review.
  • You have had a change in key personnel or want to understand your workforce demand with AN-ACC.
  • The home has seen an increase in complaints and the Executive and or Board want to better understand the risks at the home and put in place a proactive remediation plan.
  • The home has received a Notice of Non-compliance, and the Board and or Executive seek a full review of the home’s current approaches and systems to identify areas for improvement.
  • Access to quality resources to help provide clarity on governance, mentoring and feedback and give confidence to the current approaches.

What is included in an AnchorAssure Home Review?

If the review is being conducted in preparation for accreditation as an unannounced visit we will review your home’s self-assessment and plan for continuous improvement cross-checking evidence throughout the review.

If the review has been booked with full disclosure to the team we will request a copy of the self-assessment and plan for continuous improvement prior to being onsite. 

  • A complete Aged Care Quality Standards compliance risk assessment.
  • Review of information systems, including meeting agendas, minutes and actions arising.
  • Review of technology systems, use and efficacy.
  • A complete environment review.
  • A sample review of High Impact Risk Consumers, review of Quality Indicators and Clinical Governance.
  • A complete review of the current Continuous Improvement Plan,
  • Consumer engagement feedback from 10% of the Consumer populations (Consumer and their representatives can be included).
  • A report identifying key observations on staff and management interactions.
  • Review and attendance at handover.
  • Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission visit readiness assessment.
  • A comprehensive report, linking to the Aged Care Quality Standards (through our home review tool)and a complimentary debrief session.

What’s Involved?

  • Depending on the size of your home, two or three Anchor Leaders will attend your service for two or three days.
  • Entry and exit meetings will be held simulating the meetings held by Commission Assessors.
  • All areas of the service will be reviewed with Managers and staff being interviewed to clarify evidence and confirm understanding of internal systems and processes.
  • Entry and exit meetings with all Anchor Leaders.

What is covered in an AnchorAssure monitoring visit?

  • Consumer engagement sampling and feedback, sampling review of High risk residents files for completeness and new risks (5 files)
  • Review of Quality Indicators and how these are connected to Continuous Improvement Plan activities – identify any regression or new risks
  • Review of Continuous Improvement Plan progress, identifying any emerging issues
  • Complete an environmental review
  • Track observations of staff and management interactions, attend handover
  • Review meeting agendas, minutes and actions arising

Additional Bespoke Options

  • Access to HiRA-E (High Impact Risk Assessment – Elder).
  • Access to best practice frameworks, terms of reference, policies and procedures and tools to assist in governance and compliance through the Anchor Policy package discount.
  • A review of regional level structures for effectiveness for larger providers.
  • Assess any structural gaps or bottlenecks increasing the compliance risk for the service.
  • End-to-end assessment of all operations using our ‘functional matrix’ to identify any gaps in management.
  • End-to-end review of rostering and the costed roster through the Anchor Workforce Demand Analysis Tool.
  • Support with Additional Services Planning.
  • RAD applications.
  • BIF applications.

What are the benefits?

The AnchorAssue Home Review will give you a complete compliance assessment against Aged Care Quality Standards, identify operational and or leadership risks, and identify systems and processes that require review and improvement.

The AnchorAssure Sustainability Program

This program is intended to be a monitoring process after the full AnchorAssure Home Review has been completed to ensure agreed improvements are made based on the findings from the original review. This proactive and preemptive approach ensures compliance and sustainable change. The purpose of the program is to monitor identified risks, track implementation and evaluation of improvements and identify any new emerging risks and trends. 

The AnchorAssure Sustainability Program uses a proven methodology and is a whole of a business approach to creating long-term sustainable change.

 What’s included in the AnchorSustainability program?

    • One year subscription 
    • Access to a dedicated Anchor Lead 
    • *An onsite AnchorAssure monthly home review (1x Consultant on-site for one day)
      • Review of High Impact Risk Register or equivalent.
      • Review of Quality Indicators and how these are connected to Continuous Improvement Plan activities – identify any regression or new risks.
      • Review of Continuous Improvement Plan progress, identifying any emerging issues.
      • Complete an environmental review (onsite or video review).
      • Track observations of staff and management interactions, and attend handover (onsite support).
      • Review meeting agendas, minutes and actions arising.
    • Monthly 1.5h mentoring or workshop conducted remotely via the preferred platform can be used for;
      • One-on-one management.
      • Board, Executive and Leadership Team.
      • Care staff and broader team for education. 
    • After each onsite review, a detailed report will be submitted identifying compliance risk and recommendations for improvement.
    • Client VIP discount to AnchorAcademy education sessions.
    • Monthly AnchorAlerts and newsletters

*Onsite and remote support provided

What are the benefits?

    • Alignment of strategy – ensuring that the strategy and efforts are aligned. Divergence and disruption can make sustainability efforts fragile and prioritisation challenging.
    • Compliance is addressed proactively – first and foremost, providers need to address compliance, which relates to regulations and legislation and improves health and wellbeing outcomes for Consumers and staff.
    • A deeper understanding of priorities and delegation, recognising new risks and how to navigate through them and improve practices.
    • Efficient and effective management of the aged care ecosystem – ensure the multiple layers of corporate governance and care and clinical governance required are in place and effective.

Anchor Leaders

Cynthia Payne

Managing Director

Carla Beheram

Chief Operational Officer

Dr Maggie Hearstch

Specialist Consultant

Ingrid Fairlie

Specialist Consultant

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