Our Services

Anchor Excellence offers a ‘holistic business approach’, using the expertise of our leaders in their various fields to advise and provide specific direction to your organisation.

Our Services

Anchor Excellence offers a ‘holistic business approach’, using the expertise of our leaders in their various fields to advise and provide specific direction to your organisation.

Our solutions are bespoke, our response agile and direct. Anchor Excellence can move in with the expertise you need, at the time you need it, to create and sustain change – all within the one team.

Anchor Excellence provides a range of business and operational diagnostic services including:

Strategic Planning

Working closely with board members and executive leadership, Anchor can assist you to define your business strategy; articulate your vision, mission and values; prioritise objectives, and optimise financial performance, leading to innovation and business sustainability.

Corporate Governance

Effective Corporate Governance is crucial in any organisation. We assist our clients to build a framework, ensuring there is clear understanding of the respective roles of the board, management and stakeholders; their relationships with each other; and their relationships with their customers.

Business Improvement

All businesses require a process for continuous improvement and benchmarking, in order to to measure how well it is performing, where it is excelling and where it can improve. Anchor’s team have supported many businesses and can aid in the diagnosis of process issues, improving ideation and implementating programs to realise change.

Leadership & Mentoring

Anchor has found that almost all businesses can benefit from leadership development and mentoring, especially when businesses are shaping organisational culture and undergoing business transformation. It can accelerate readiness in potential leaders, retain high potential talent, attract new talent and potentially lay the groundwork for performance management.

Business Model Innovation

Creativity and innovation in aged care is key to providing quality aged care in the consumer-driven landscape. From developing programs to enhance the lives of residents living in memory support communities, through to implementing additional services, Anchor can support you across all stages; whether it is creative concepting, financial viability, seeking consumer insights or developing a project control group to implement, evaluate and make the necessary improvements.

Compliance & Turn Around

There is no ‘off-the-shelf’ solution to remediating compliance issues. Anchor’s team of aged care experts are nimble, able to identify bespoke strategies to swiftly and efficiently return a business to compliance, mitigate risk and implement procedures to prevent repeat occurrence.

Customer Experience

Now more than ever, the customer experience is a critical element of the overall business strategy. Customer experience is impacted by every interaction with the business, and requires executive and board-level support to ensure a positive result for all stakeholders.

Business & Board Advisory

The Anchor Team are vastly experienced at board and directorship level, with credentials in Balanced Scorecard, Business Excellence and board advisory. Anchor Excellence offers a deep understanding of steering organisations towards a sustainable future and adopts sound, ethical, and legal governance in doing so, while ensuring the mission, vision and values of your organisation are upheld.

Executive Coaching

Unearth hidden talents and help your people realise their potential. Anchor’s executive coaching is beneficial at all levels, from board and executive, to mid-management, clinical and operational teams. Using a Balanced Scorecard approach, Anchor Excellence will form the foundation to embed personal goals, role objectives, and clear business strategy and execution within any organisation.

Speaking & Facilitating

If you are looking for a speaker or facilitator to uplift, and bring a focus to capability, culture and performance, the Anchor Team are your ideal choice. Business excellence, risk and complicance, governance, customer experience and execution of strategy are some of Anchor’s key areas of expertise, with the ability and enthusiasm to specific tailor our work to your requirements. Whether it’s full service MC, thought leadership, keynotes, guest speaking or even panel facilitation, the Anchor team are engaging, collaborative and inspiring speakers, able to relate to audiences from the front line to the board level.

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