AnchorHandover Package

The implementation and use of a properly structured clinical handover process in a home is important to increase the effectiveness of the home’s communication and to provide quality and safe care to consumers. Linked to Standard 3, Standard 7 and Standard 8, each home must have a clear clinical communication process at handover. 

Handover is the responsibility of all aged care clinical staff. The process involves the transfer of consumer information between shifts and/or staff and is the most critical part of clinical care. All clinical staff must understand and participate in the handover process. 

 Poor handover results in many consequences, including: 

    • Delays in identifying clinical risk 
    • Delays in diagnosis 
    • Delayed and / or inappropriate treatment and Care 
    • Delayed communication 
    • Inaccurate communication 

Handover enhances consumer safety by guaranteeing systems & processes are in place to provide a consistent approach to clinical handover. This package is curated specifically to assist your home in having consistent communication and processes in your clinical handover and to ensure all staff understand and identify those consumers with increased clinical risk, particularly, high impact risk. 

Why AnchorHandover?

Providing quality care is important. This package will assist you with: 

    • Preparing and scheduling clinical handover 
    • Assessing what should be discussed at clinical handover 
    • Being aware of and understanding each consumers care plan 
    • How to involve and support consumers, families and carers in understanding their care needs 
    • Ensuring each clinical handover results in the transfer of accurate information and continuing quality of care

What are the Benefits?

    • Improves the quality of care and the lived experience of the consumers and their families 
    • Improves safety and mitigates risk in relation to personal and clinical care 
    • Improves communication pathways between staff and consumers 
    • Improves coordination of care that includes referral pathways and the interdisciplinary team and the multidisciplinary team (MDT) 

What's included?

    • AnchorHandover© build process – this will give guidance on how to craft the handover process relevant to your service or organisation 
    • AnchorHandover© Template – this is the document that you will populate with information specific to your service as well as including instructions on how to complete the template sufficiently 
    • AnchorHandover© Glossary – Glossary of the Icons for reference in the template 
    • AnchorHandover© Approved Abbreviations list – this list outlines some of the most commonly used abbreviations in day-to-day care and service delivery 
    • AE Clinical Handover Guidance Material – this document supports your handover 
    • AnchorHandover© GP Referral Form – This form can be used to communicate changes in consumer care needs with their GP/Medical Officer