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Home Care providers, are your current policies up to date and compliant?

Anchor Policy for Home Care provides step-by-step evidence-based policies and processes aligned to the Aged Care Quality Standards that will save you time spent writing, reviewing and tracking.

Since 2018, we have supported over 40% of both residential and home care providers nationally with compliance, policy and processes, education, and governance.

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Why purchase Anchor Policy for your service?

Saves you time spent creating, writing, reviewing, and tracking all policies and processes.

Provides you immediate access to best practice up to date information mapped to the Aged Care Quality Standards.

Supports your compliance to the Aged Care Quality Standards, Approved Provider obligations and the fast paced reform agenda.

Enhances your governance and leadership capabilities.

Enables your leaders and teams to understand your systems and processes.

Promotes more effective and professional practice with clear accountabilities.

Increases staff competencies.

Empowers your care teams with the knowledge and confidence to make informed decisions about your consumer’s care.

Creates a positive workplace culture.

Improves your consumers health outcomes and promotes consistent, standardised care and services across your organisation.

Homecare Policy Package Inclusions

The Anchor Policy introduction Pack

Choose five polices, process, tools or templates and receive 20% off.

Includes polices, processes, tools and templates

Clinical Governance Framework, Templated PCI, Case Conferencing, Medication Management, AMS and many more.

We brand align the polices you choose

The polices provided to you will be branded in line with your company name, brand guidelines and organisation chart to meet your organisational requirements.

Upload to your document management platform

Anchor Policy documents can be uploaded to Ausmed, CompliCare, CentroAssist or your preferred SharePoint.

For a limited time purchase the Anchor Policy introductory pack and receive a 20% discount

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