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AnchorAssure Program

Enabling you to be confident in your compliance and your performance program.

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The AnchorAssure program provides a comprehensive review of your organisation’s internal systems and processes to ensure that they are in line with your Approved Provider responsibilities.

The program identifies potential compliance issues and provides your organisation with key recommendations and opportunities for improvements. AnchorAssure provides peace of mind that your services are compliance, whilst delivering safe and quality care.

Why AnchorAssure?

Compliance risk continues to arise for Providers when:

  • They are changes in key personnel
  • There is a transformation agenda under way and those systems under development require review
  • Accreditation is on the horizon and the Board / Executive are seeking independent feedback to identify and track compliance risk
  • Good governance suggests independent review
  • The home has seen an increase in complaints and the Executive / Board are wanting to better understand the risks at the home and put in place a proactive remediation plan
  • The home has received Notice of Non-compliance and the Board/ Executive seeks a full review of the home’s current approaches and systems to identify areas for improvement

In particular, smaller providers do not have access to regional or external quality resources to help provide mentoring and feedback to give confidence to the current approaches. Additionally Boards are wanting to support their Executive by obtaining independent progress feedback on the service’s current Continuous Improvement programs and confirmation of any new risks.

AnchorAssure is our program specifically targeting these needs.

What is covered in an AnchorAssure Home Review?

  • If the review is being conducted in preparation for Accreditation, we review your homes Self Assessment and cross check evidence throughout the review
  • A complete Aged Care Quality Standards compliance risk assessment
  • A complete High Impact Risk assessment, review of Quality Indicators and Clinical Governance
  • A complete review of the current Continuous Improvement Plan
  • Consumer engagement feedback from 15%-20% of the consumer populations (Resident / Representative)
  • A report identifying key observations on staff and management interactions
  • A review of the physical environment for risks and hazards
  • Review of handover processes
  • Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission visit readiness assessment
  • Documented priority action plan

What’s Involved?

  • Depending on the size of your home 2-3 Anchor Leaders will attend your service for 2- 3 days
  • Prior to the Home review your key staff will complete the HiRA-E (via an online portal) for all clients or a sample of clients. Its preferable that the entire client population is completed
  • You will give us remote access to your clinical management system (view only)
  • Scheduled entry and debrief exit meeting with all Anchor Leaders
  • Provision of 1.5 hour High Impact risk training for staff whilst onsite (no participant limit)

What is covered in an AnchorAssure monitoring visit?

  • Consumer engagement sampling and feedback, sampling review of High risk residents files for completeness and new risks (5 files)
  • Review of Quality Indicators and how these are connected to Continuous Improvement Plan activities – identify any regression or new risks
  • Review of Continuous Improvement Plan progress, identifying any emerging issues
  • Complete an environmental review
  • Track observations of staff and management interactions, attend handover
  • Review meeting agendas, minutes and actions arising

Additional Bespoke Options

  • For Larger providers – review of regional level structures for effectiveness
  • Assess any structural gaps or bottlenecks increasing the compliance risk for the service
  • End to end assessment of all operations using our ‘functional matrix’ to identify any gaps in management
  • End to end review of rostering and the costed roster

What are the benefits?

  • Complete assessment for compliance against aged care standards, identification of operational and or leadership risks, identification of systems and processes to be reviewed / improved.
  • Complete implementation of HIRA-E system for high impact risk.
  • Provision of training and development for staff in High Impact risk and harm reduction for consumers which we attribute as being 60% of compliance risk.

AnchorAssure Home Review Packages

AnchorAssure Home Review

  • 2-3 Anchor Leaders attend home for 2-3 days
  • Report with recommendations provided
  • Price on Enquiry

AnchorAssure Sustainability Program

  • Monthly home visit by 1 Anchor Leader
  • Progress report with recommendations provided each visit
  • Price on Enquiry
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