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Clinical Concierge

Clinical Concierge is an independent bespoke program that supports your Service to address unique and complex clinical and compliance issues arising. It is purposely designed to enable and support best practice care delivery.

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We recognise that scheduling and holding Care & Service/Case Conferences with Consumers and their Substitute Decision Maker is time consuming and requires complex skills and capabilities to ensure that you collect the right information, obtain the right decisions in ensuring that the care & service plan addresses the Consumer’s goals, needs and preferences.

Compliance risk is reduced when decision making is centred around the Consumer with skilled clinician in place to get the documentation and actions succinctly and appropriately in your systems.

The Anchor Excellence Clinical Concierge (AE CC) complements and assists your in-house team to focus on evidence based practice and to assist engagement with Consumers and their Substitute Decision Makers.

Your AE CC is an experienced aged care clinician who has deep experience in the industry, expert in the Aged Care Quality Standards and able to ensure you build your documented pathways to help deliver exceptional care & service and also reduce your compliance risk. We access your care management systems remotely and arrange confidential online care & service reviews using our unique online booking system.

Families/Substitute Decision Makers are engaged via a 1 hour facilitated session with Anchor Excellence which will ultimately help co-design and finalise a compliant and robust person centred care & service plan.

What’s included?

  • Expert advice to help achieve consumer and compliance goals
  • Flexible contact arrangements at a time that suits the service and the consumer
  • Peer support for clinical managers
  • Care and services case conferencing support
  • Documented case conference notes and care and service plans
  • Complex complaints support

What’s are the benefits?

  • Independent and transparent review process
  • An evidence based approach is used to support sustainability
  • Third party independence is preferred given complex relationships or complaints
  • Novice to expert peer support – helping the team develop in their role
  • Support handover process and improve communication
  • Ease of access to the program through comprehensive experience with a range of electronic clinical management platforms
  • Industry insights that informs policy and process review
  • Supports in house clinicians to focus upon resident care
  • Support care team when they are behind on schedules and can’t catch up
  • Solve complex consumer matters; clinical and relationship driven, with Substitute Decision Makers to navigate the right outcomes and meet complex care requirements

How we work with you

Clinical Concierge will provide bespoke remote services. Your assigned Clinical Concierge (CC) will have approved remote access to your clinical management systems. They will conference with the senior clinician/care manager to determine current gaps in the care and services plan. They will arrange a virtual Zoom or Teams based session with the nominated consumer (or their Substitute Decision Maker).

We will ensure they receive the AE Care & Service Review Questionnaire and then host a 1 hour care and service review session. Your CC will facilitate the entire process and ensure a documented agreed action plan is completed for each session.

This service includes the option to make the necessary care & service review changes in the Clinical Management System (CMS) and then share back to the service for consumer sign off. If needed, the AE CC will complete the entire process to ensure the care & service plan fully addresses agreed actions and complies with the Aged Care Quality Standards.

The CC will ensure agreed actions are monitored through the assigned senior clinical/ care manager via monthly online mentoring meetings. Accountability will be assured by helping you build personalised person centred care & service plans that address individual needs. This will also achieve high impact risk minimisation and support for dignity of risk outcomes.

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