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Online and face-to-face industry based training that is current, relevant and bespoke.

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The ability of an organisation or provider to deliver safe and quality care to their consumers is significantly influenced by the ability and knowledge of its staff and personnel.

AnchorDevelop provides bespoke education and development solutions to organisations to enable your staff and improve their performance and capability. We have practical, on the ground experience in managing services and working in the business and can tailor your education and support based on your individual needs.

Our programs are designed to be delivered to audiences large and small and can either be conducted face to face or via webinar/remote options. Our content is tailored to be appropriate for all levels of staff from Board through to direct care staff. So whether its Governance and Risk, Planning for Continuous Improvement or Care Planning and Case Conferencing, we’re here to support you.

Why AnchorDevelop?

  • Personalised education programs based on your needs at any given point in time
  • Targeted education strategies are required to manage and minimise risk
  • Internal processes have identified the needs for specialised support
  • Internal resources are not able to deliver some education programs
  • Support your teams to be clear on their accountabilities and what is expected
  • Provide personal development opportunities for key staff

Signature Education Programs

Anchor Excellence has developed a number of education programs to address identified knowledge gaps in the industry. You can select a program that matches your requirements or we can tailor a program meet your needs.

Our Signature Education Programs include:

  • Clinical Management and Governance Essentials
  • Compliance Essentials: Key Personnel Masterclass (in collaboration with Thomson Geer)
  • Consumer Experience Essentials

What’s Involved?

  • Personalised planning session to ensure that the education scope fully covers your requirements – this will be completed by you and an Anchor Leaders to ensure the education is tailored to meet your current needs
  • Documented education plan and all supporting documents required including participant information – this will be provided to you to support planning and scheduling of training
  • Delivery of education sessions by an experienced Anchor Leader
  • Summary report completed by the Anchor Leader including training evaluations and feedback from participants as well as identifying any further development opportunities

What are the benefits?

This education will support middle managers to ensure they are fully aware and understand their responsibilities under the Act and the Standards. This will build confidence in the middle managers and allow them to return to their organisations with a focus to ensure the organisation is compliant with all requirements.

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