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Anchor Program

Anchor Diligence Program

Aged Care Risk and Governance Compliance Assessment

AnchorDiligence provides a full suite of services to support homes and organisations who may be preparing for potential business transactions such as mergers, sales or acquisitions.

A comprehensive due diligence process will present a clear picture of current and potential issues within an organisation and assist in minimising and managing risk as transactions are completed.

Why Anchor Diligence?

An organisation or home is commencing a transaction of sales, mergers or acquisitions.

Anchor Diligence provides an analysis of potential risks and issues including:

  • Compliance risk
  • Leadership and governance risk
  • Operations risk
  • Reputation risk
  • Demand and relevance to local market risk

May be used as a proactive step by the seller to determine current business operations and opportunities.

What’s Involved?

  • Assessment of current Management and Executive team
  • Assessment of governance systems and organisational culture
  • Evaluation of clinical governance, quality systems and risk management
  • Assessment and evaluation of rostering
  • Review of subsidy, fees and claims management
  • Assessment of adequacy and appropriateness of furniture, fixture and equipment, likely maintenance and CAPEX required
  • Review of financial performance
  • Site by site evaluation of physical facilities, layout efficiency, competition and demand
  • Development of traffic light system in report identifying opportunities and risks

Our aged care risk and governance framework enables an approach that provides deeper insights.

Organisations considering exit can identify areas for focussed improvement to optimise their sell value and those on the acquiring side can improve their insights over opportunity and risk.

Anchor Leaders

Cynthia Payne

Managing Director

Carla Beheram

Chief Operational Officer

Dr Irene Stein

Head of Clinical Governance

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