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AnchorExperience Program

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The consumer experience should consider the entire journey, multiple interactions with internal and external stakeholders and involve a deep understanding of the complexity and emotional roller coaster that families face.

The program will provide you with the insights, analysis and capabilities to understand what great consumer experience looks like and how to translate the knowledge into your operating procedures and embed your consumer experience vision into the organisation’s culture.

A comprehensive transformation involves stakeholder consultation, workshops, education, mapping and implementation and can take between 6-12 months or if you prefer you can choose to use specific elements of the program such as Mystery Shopping or the signature AnchorASAudit (Anchor Additional Service Audit).

Barriers to success


Getting ahead often requires pressing pause, stepping back and staking stock of where you want to be

Influencing factors

Your competition and operating in a highly regulated environment with an increase in consumer demands

Leadership and focus

Transformation takes strong leadership and engagement in the process to drive the new prioritisation and actions, and give people permission to work together.

Why AnchorExperience?

  • Gain insights and information that will assist you in defining your consumer experience
  • Alignment of your strategy and overarching business plan
  • Rethink annual planning to start with the consumer experience rather than silo based individual priorities
  • Create a path that is clear for your organisation to follow on how the work will be led and managed
  • Develop a company-wide agreement of the framework, policies and procedures for your consumer experience journey
  • Map the touch points that comprise the customer experience journey
  • Provide a set of tools to drive accountability based on you customer experience journey
  • Build out and educate the competencies required in providing a great consumer experience

What’s Involved?

  • End to end review
  • Workshops, stakeholder consultations and co-design
  • Mystery shops and competitor analysis
  • AnchorASAudit (Additional Services Audit)
  • Education and the alignment and implementation of the process, police and procedures
  • Boardroom vision translated into action at the front line and culture transformation

Anchor Leads

Dr Maggie Haertsch

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