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The Care and Services Handover is one of the most powerful communication tools used in enabling safe and quality care. A well-organised and comprehensive Handover following the iSoBAR Framework enables essential information, including high-risk situations, to be communicated accurately. This process is critical in facilitating and ensuring a seamless continuity of safe consumer care. 

The information shared in handover is key in ensuring the entire team understands the care and services that need to be delivered to each consumer every day and gives you the ability to plan and structure the day and the week and focus on the priorities. 

Handover in every aged care home varies and can be a printed summary from a care management system to a template developed and changed to suit care staff overtime. The risk in these scenarios is that; 

    1. You don’t get the whole picture which puts your consumers at risk 
    2. There is not a consistent approach to handover and clinical care governance. 
    3. When you receive an unannounced commission visit or accreditation visit, your documentation is not compliant with Approved Provider obligations. 

AnchorHandover is a best practice tool based on the iSoBAR framework. It aligns with the Aged Care Quality Standards and underpins clinical care governance and management of high impact high prevalence risk with particular reference to requirements 3(3)a and 3(3)b.

Why implement AnchorHandover in your home?

    • Visually highlights and helps to identify consumers high-impact and high prevalence risks
    • Presents information regarding new admissions, consumers transferred from the hospital and deceased/discharged consumers. 
    • Includes the ability to reference consumer preferences, e.g. what time does a resident like to receive assistance with showering and hygiene
    • Flags behaviours of concern or changed behaviour identified
    • Identifies GPs, Clinical Pharmacists, Gerontologists or other health professionals that visit and referral appointments
    • Identities your consumers’ substitute decision makers and key family liaison
    • Includes an attendance log 
    • Assists with Compulsory Reporting and SIRS incidents 
    • Are key clinical issues flagged  – falls, infections, changes to dietary needs, and deteriorating consumers
    • Medication changes are easily visible, with side effects and adverse effects identified.
    • Flags case conferences and specific issues relating to family meetings
    • Advises care teams of up and coming education or staff meetings

The key to a great handover is ensuring that systems and processes are in place to ensure a consistent approach to sharing key information that ultimately supports teams in delivering safe and quality outcomes. 

The AnchorHandover tool has been specially designed to assist your service in having consistent communication and processes and ensure all staff understand and identify those consumers with increased clinical risk, particularly high impact risk.

What is included in the AnchorHandover tool?

    • Welcome Guide
    • An Example Template
    • Implementation process and slide deck presentation
    • Handover Policy
    • Glossary of terms
    • Approved Abbreviation list
    • GP Referral form
    • Guidance material
    • Templated Handover complete document (tailored to your communities)
    • *Support in style guiding
    • *Online and phone support to implement

What's involved?

    • Allocation of one resource per home to load the consumer details and consumer headshot into the template
    • Maintenance of the handover tool 
    • Printing and archiving of the document

The benefits

    • Compliance to clinical care governance 
    • The ability to quickly identify High Impact High Prevalence Risk for Consumers
    • Visibility, Clarity and transparency of information 
    • Support with SIRS and NQIP reporting
    • Proof of evidence
    • *Ongoing support from the Anchor Leaders

*One hour of online or phone support will be included in purchasing this tool. Any additional support will be charged at an hourly administration rate. Please advise us if you require extra support.

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