Bespoke solutions to organisations to enable your staff to improve their performance and capability

Why AnchorHomeCare?

The ability of an organisation to deliver safe and quality care to their clients is significantly influenced by the ability and knowledge of its staff and personnel.

AnchorHomeCare provides bespoke solutions to organisations to enable your staff to improve their performance and capability and your organisation to operate efficiently, to grow and prosper, in a compliant manner.

We have practical, on the ground experience in managing services and working in the business and can tailor solutions based on your individual needs. AnchorHomeCare provides bespoke solutions to organisations (boards and management) to ensure quality care is delivered to your clients in a fully compliant manner.

What is involved?

  • We will guide you through your regulatory  requirements
  • Higher regulatory standard applicable to home care
  • Government policy and funding enabling more older Australians to remain in their home longer
  • We will assist clients through the Approved Provider process
  • We will review your internal systems and  processes to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements
  • We will review your internal resourcing  requirements to successfully meet your  regulatory requirements
  • We will identify opportunities for educational  enhancement through designing and  delivering targeted training programs

What are the benefits?

We will support you to ensure your board, executives and staff are fully aware of, and understand, their responsibilities under the Aged Care Act and Standards. This will build confidence in your organisation and allow the organisation to deliver home care services to its clients with a focus to ensure compliance with all requirements.

Anchor Excellence will work closely with you  to ensure that your personalised education strategy not only meets your needs but  also leads to improved performance and  capability for your entire team.

We are passionate about leaving a legacy  of improved capability and will support  you to ensure the sustainability of practice,  leading to improved services and consumer  experience.

How we work with you?

Working in partnership with Anchor Excellence, you will benefit from a  collaborative and trusting relationship with a team of leaders who are committed to working with you, building capability and understanding into Home Care.

With the Australian aged care landscape undergoing an enormous transformation, leadership is critical. AnchorHome Care was born of the recognition that home care services form a vital part of the Australian aged care sector with clinical service delivery and a higher level of compliance being the landscape that home care businesses now operate in.

AnchorHome Care has the expertise to guide you through this new landscape. Our team of specialists will work with you to ensure that AnchorHome Care is tailored to your needs to  build a sustainably successful organisation.

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