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Programs and Packages

At Anchor Excellence we offer a range of programs and solutions for organisations. From full scale transformation to professional development, innovation to outsourcing, our signature programs are leading the way in aged care support.


Anchor Assure

Enabling you and your home to be confident in your compliance and your performance program.

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Anchor Compliance

Your compliance requirements covered – from report analysis through to full sanctions support.

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Anchor Experience

Competitive advantage through optimised consumer engagement and experience.

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Anchor Engage

Support that engages consumers and their representatives in feedback that will directly improve their lived experience.

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Clinical Concierge

Clinical Concierge supports your Service to address unique and complex issues arising.

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Anchor Disability

Specialised support for Aged Care providers navigating the NDIS

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Anchor Investigate

Our solution for Providers who seek to have third party investigation of complaints or incidents.

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Anchor Packages

Anchor Excellence offers a ‘holistic business approach’, using the expertise of our leaders in their various fields to advise and provide specific direction to your organisation.

Incident Management and Serious Incident Response Scheme (SIRS) Package

The Serious Incident Response Scheme (SIRS) is an initiative to help prevent and reduce the risk and occurrence of incidents of abuse and neglect of older Australians receiving Commonwealth-subsidised aged care and services. It commenced in residential aged care on 1 April 2021 and was extended to home services on 1 December 2022.

From our extensive work with aged care providers, we recognise and acknowledge that time and resources are precious commodities.

To support and assist your organisation to manage the changes required, we have developed a Incident Management and Serious Incident Response Scheme (SIRS) Guidance Package consisting of an extensive library of resources, including; policies, processes, templates and stakeholder communications.

Anchor Handover

The Care and Services Handover is one of the most powerful communication tools used in enabling safe and quality care. A well-organised and comprehensive Handover following the iSoBAR Framework enables essential information, including high-risk situations, to be communicated accurately. This process is critical in facilitating and ensuring a seamless continuity of safe consumer care.

The information shared in handover is key in ensuring the entire team understands the care and services that need to be delivered to each consumer every day and gives you the ability to plan and structure the day and the week and focus on the priorities.

AnchorHandover is a best practice tool based on the iSoBAR framework. It aligns with the Aged Care Quality Standards and underpins clinical care governance and management of high impact high prevalence risk with particular reference to requirements 3(3)a and 3(3)b.

Restrictive Practice and Behaviour Support Planning Complete Package

From 1 July 2021, approved providers have updated and specific responsibilities under the Aged Care Act 1997 and the Quality of Care Principles 2014 relating to the use of any restrictive practice in residential aged care and short-term restorative care in a residential care setting.

Starting 1 September 2021, the changes from the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission make it mandatory for providers to have Behaviour Support Plans in place whenever there are behavioural changes, restraint is imposed, or is likely to be imposed. This change is for all consumers of residential aged care including those living with dementia with changed behaviours.

Case Conference Package

The inclusions of this pack are:

    • Templated Case Conference Policy
    • Templated Case Conference Process
    • Letter to Representatives re: Case Conference booking
    • Templated Case Conference Feedback From


Templated Function and Accountability Matrix (Excel)
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Templated Function and Accountability Matrix (Excel) $195 + GST

Whether you are an aged care provider with one home or a group with multiple homes, job descriptions and accountability should be clearly defined. Everyone needs to understand their role: the tasks and activities each person is responsible for.

Having a Function and Accountability Matrix sets clear and transparent expectations which in turn, increase productivity and efficiency.

The Anchor Function and Accountability Matrix will underpin the management of your human resources. The template can be tailored to your specific requirements and organisational strategy.

Templated Aged Care Quality Standards Deep File Review Compliance Checker and Consumer of the Day form
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Templated Aged Care Quality Standards Deep File Review Compliance Checker and Consumer of the Day form $495 + GST

Accurate record keeping and file reviews are proven to have direct benefits to aged care consumer health and wellbeing outcomes as well as to the day-to-day operations. Using the ACQS Anchor Deep File Review Checker will assist your clinical team to effectively conduct and evaluate care plans, have complete and consistent documentation that aligns to set organisational policies and procedures and support your regulatory compliance. Using this strategy coupled with implementing Consumer of the Day will proactively create a good starting point for providing the person-centred care that your consumers deserve.The file review methodology ties together multiple facets of your consumers health profile and can identify the need improve or address situations including;

  • Deterioration or changes in diagnosis that require a referral and provision of services by a specialist
  • Missing or out of date assessments and subsequent updates to the care plan
  • Changes in consumer’s needs and high impact risks that may be evident through the analysis actual and near miss incidents such as falls and medication incidents;
  • Evaluation of care provided including medication administration effectiveness review
  • Adequacy of Incident Management systems, Serious Incident Response Scheme (SIRS) reporting, and timely notification appropriate government departments
Templated Risk and Governance Framework
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Templated Risk and Governance Framework (Outlined Framework) $195 + GST

Managing risk in aged care is complex and involves multiple stakeholders. The Anchor Excellence aged care specialists have developed a comprehensive Risk and Governance Framework to help you understand, analyse, manage and respond to important or emerging issues.

Using this proven framework will identify systemic policy and process deficits and enable your Risk and Governance Committee to adequately oversee the way in which risks are managed ensuring the right decisions are made for the right reasons.

Psychotropic Register
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Psychotropic Register (Excel) available 

Managing consumers medication is a mandatory requirement in aged care and is reportable in the NQIP and at ACQSC assessment visits. The Anchor Psychotropic Register provides a consolidated summary of psychotropics that have been prescribed and are in use across your population.

The excel format enables your teams to filter data and gain insights into trends and key focus areas that will feed into you PCI and support your clinical and care governance.This practical application is easy to implement and will give you confidence that you meet regulatory compliance and the needs of your consumers.