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Assessment Visit Readiness - Accreditation and Unannounced

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The Australian aged care landscape is undergoing enormous transformation, and exponential change related to clinical and regulatory compliance. 

Consumers receiving services are older, frailer and with more complex comorbidities. This creates a challenging and, at times, confronting environment for clinical managers and leaders. 

This program is designed to support clinical managers and leaders  working in residential aged care and home care services. It navigates the complexity of the changing environment, in line with changing consumer expectations. In particular, this course provides the essential knowledge and understanding of clinical governance and care management frameworks to enable the provision of safe and quality care and an improved lived experience for consumers.’

This online course is endorsed by ACN according to our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Endorsed Course Standards. It has been allocated 1.5CPD hours according to the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia – Continuing Professional Development Standard.

Focussing on the key steps in preparing you and your home for any form of an assessment visit, this session gives you the opportunity to upskill yourself on:

  • How the assessment visit will work
  • The key items associated with common not mets
  • What is your part is in an assessment visit
  • Included in this session and specialised Anchor Excellence Handouts that will assist you and your home in preparing documentation as well as staff understanding for Assessment visits, both Accredited and Unannounced. 

What will you learn?

  1. The overview the role and function of the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission (ACQSC)
  2. Clarify where the ‘Rules’ set down where and why of Performance Assessment in Aged Care
  3. Refresh on the Aged Care Quality Standards – understanding your compliance
  4. Understanding a risk based approach and different types of Visits
  5. Focus of your visit – Site Audit / Unannounced / Review Audit
  6. Assessment Visit readiness and processes – strengthen your readiness
  7. Understanding consequences of non-compliance – Sanctions and NTAs
  8. Responding to ACQSC reports and connect to your PCI
  9. What your action plan will look like as well as a Q & A with expert aged care leaders

Who is the session for?

This course will benefit

  • New and experienced Facility Managers
  • New and experienced Care Managers 
  • Clinical Care Coordinators 
  • Quality Managers and 
  • Educators
  • Clinical leaders who are relieving in management roles
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In a constantly changing sector, Aged Care providers and workers need to make sure that their skills base is always up to date. AnchorAcademy is designed to always give you the most current information, and the most relevant to what is going on in the sector. 

We also specialise in education in topics that cover the basics in aged care, such as preparing you and your home for assessment visits, and how to assess consumer deterioration in a consumer. 

Interested in participating as a team? For groups of more than 5 participants, contact us for a VIP discount. Discounts are also available for booking packages of 3 or more sessions. Contact us for more information.