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Next Round: June 2023

Clinical Management and Governance Essentials for Homecare Masterclass

Due to increasing demand for a homecare specific Masterclass, Anchor Academy in a direct response to feedback from clients, Anchor Leaders Carla Beheram, Akanksha Bernard and Dr Irene Stein will be hosting a timely and relevant online masterclass to assist providers in understanding their obligations and responsibilities under the Aged Care Act (1997) and the Aged Care Quality Standards. 

As there are now over 1 Million Older Australians receiving Home and Community Care, the increasing age, frailty and complexity of co-morbidities has informed a need for more technical and complex care and service delivery at home.  Home care assessment visits have increased, and we are seeing an increase in non compliance across the sector and this creates a challenging and, at times, confronting environment for clinical managers and leaders as the home and community care sector expands. 

This masterclass provides the essential knowledge and understanding of clinical governance and care management frameworks to enable the provision of safe and quality care and an improved and enabled lived experience for consumers.

What are the benefits?

Enhance accountability and well governed care

Gain a better understanding to risk management

Learn how to adapt and shift to sustain safe quality care

An engaged and upskilled clinical workforce

Improve the consumer's experience at home

Improve clinical management, reporting and adherence to the Aged Care Quality Standards

Module Outline

“Consumer engaged care and services planning at home”

At the conclusion of this topic, participants will be able to: 

    • Understand the current context of in home care
    • Understand fundamentals of clinical governance frameworks 
    • Understand and articulate high impact risks, in particular risks identified through the Aged Care Quality Standards – Standard 3b. 
    • Understand their role in ensuring that harm to the consumer is minimised and a culture of quality and safety drives consumer experience. 
    • Understand  the Standards for Nursing Practice, The ICN Code of Ethical Conduct, The role, responsibilities and scope of practice of key clinical staff including Registered Nurses 
    • Understand the Aged Care Code of Conduct and the Aged Care Charter of Rights
    • Oversee clinical performance and support clinical improvement opportunities using evidence based practice
    • Develop and implement care plans in line with the Aged Care Quality Standards – using dignity of risk to underpin care planning
    • Facilitate consumer case conferences
    • Ensure that consumer goals, needs and preferences drive care and consumer experience

“Your service environment and The Aged Care Quality Standards in home care”

At the conclusion of this topic, participants will be able to: 

    • Dignity of Risk
    • Deteriorating consumer
    • Restrictive practice & Deprescribing of psychotropic medications
    • Clinical Governance in the home care context
    • Care and Service  Planning,including high impact risk
    • Identify potential gaps in policy and procedures relating to high impact risks in the home environment
    • Five key areas of risk for Home Care
    • Understand key elements of the following policies and processes: 
      • Dignity Risk
      • Deteriorating Consumer
      • Restrictive Practice & Deprescribing of psychotropic medication
      • Clinical Governance in the Home care context
      • IPC including COVID-19 prevention and preparedness
      • Antimicrobial Stewardship & Infection Control
      • Medication Management
      • Planning for Improvement
      • Serious Incident Response Scheme
      • Behaviour Support Planning (SIRS)
      • Open Disclosure

“Incident Management and Quality Improvement – What good looks like”

At the conclusion of this topic, participants will be able to: 

    • Complete incident investigations and risk assessments
    • Build on high impact risk / high prevalence risk to consider adverse events, importance of investigation and open disclosure
    • Understand key elements of incident investigation including RCA’s and strategies to minimise recurrence of incidence
    • Understand compulsory reporting pathways 
    • Identify trends and refine evidence based clinical practice to improve consumer outcomes
    • Understand what  a good plan for continuous improvement (PCI)  looks like
    • Identify the key items that need to be included in a PCI
    • Understand how to use data and audit results to drive continuous improvement and improve consumer experience
    • Review and evaluate quality activity outcomes
    • How to connect with the PCI to self assessments for accreditation

“Leading the team with accountability for quality outcomes for consumers”

At the conclusion of this topic, participants will be able to: 

    • Develop an agenda and terms of reference for meetings
    • Conduct clinical meetings effectively
    • Effectively document minutes and actions arising from the meeting
    • Demonstrate improvement and actions as meeting outcomes
    • Build the PCI – structure connected to governance framework
    • Hold  teams and individuals to account
    • Understand their impact as a leader – what does their leadership style and behaviour say?
    • Apply rostering principles for safe and quality care
    • Understanding the changing regulatory environment – speed and depth of regulatory change
    • Facilitate legislative and regulative change in a contemporaneous manner
    • Preparing for changes to the Aged Care Standards

What's included?

    • Four module comprehensive online course
    • One module per week
    • Reading material and resources provided
    • Peer group discussions
    • Practical real life examples and case studies
    • Anchor Excellence certificate and Credly Badge supporting professional development requirements
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