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Consumer Experience and Engagement

Consumer experience and engagement, co-design and feedback are essential pillars to being a successful Approved Provider of an aged care service. 

The consumer experience considers the entire journey, multiple interactions with internal and external stakeholders and involves a deep understanding of the complexity and emotional roller coaster that families face.

Consumer engagement requires the deployment of a multifaceted approach using strategies including; calls, online meetings, surveys, forums and focus groups that link the feedback provided directly to the operations of the service and plans for continuous improvement and, in turn, promote a co-design model of care. 

hese pillars, when planned, implemented, executed and evaluated, will lead to increased knowledge across your teams and have a positive impact on your consumer’s quality of life.  

Our two programs go hand in hand to uncover, acknowledge and understand your consumers, their behaviour and expectations. They can significantly impact where your focus needs to be and your priorities.

Why AnchorEngage?

The AnchorEngage program is designed to assist and support your service with direct insights around consumers’ current lived experience, helping to prioritise quick improvements followed by more systemic quality improvement plans based on valid and reliable feedback. In addition, the  program will provide you with;

    • Valuable insights that will assist you in developing a genuine co-design model of care
    • An independent, third-party review and support when the home has high volumes of complaints.
    • An analysis of system-wide issues to build more robust governance systems.
    • Preparation for accreditation informing the home and the leadership team of opportunities to strengthen consumer and Provider alignment with the Aged Care Quality Standards framework.
    • An evidence base for your compliance to the Aged Care and NDIS Standards 

What's Involved?

This program provides an expert-led and personalised service of direct engagement. The program commences with a discovery workshop to understand the requirements and reason for the engagement. This may be general consumer feedback or could be more specific and targeted. Anchor will provide a templated communication for consumers explaining the intent and process. Anchor will set up a booking system, and calls will commence.  The program will include;

  • Personalised scheduled calls following a tried and tested format
  • Fully documented calls
  • Immediate escalation to the management for urgent issues 
  • A qualitative and quantitative report to inform an improvement plan
  • Recommendations workshop 

Why AnchorExperience

The AnchorExperince program will provide you with the insights, analysis and capabilities to understand what an excellent consumer experience looks like and how to translate the knowledge into your operating procedures and embed your consumer experience vision into the organisation’s culture. A comprehensive transformation involves stakeholder consultation, workshops, education, mapping and implementation and can take between 6-12 months, or if you prefer, you can choose to use specific elements of the program such as Mystery Shopping or the signature AnchorASAudit (Anchor Additional Service Audit) The complete program will provide you with;

    •  Insights and information that will assist you in defining your consumer experience
    • Additional Service Audit 
    • Alignment of your strategy and overarching business plan
    • A collegiate approach to consumer experience 
    • A pathway for your organisation to follow, how the work will be led, managed, executed and evaluated. 
    • A framework, policies and procedures 
    • A customer experience journey map
    • Education 

What’s Involved?

To fully understand the drivers and desired outcome, the program commences with a sprint workshop to review and take stock of the status quo and discuss the influencing factors, priorities and barriers. In addition, Anchor will;

    • Review your existing customer experience pathway, staff handbook and comms strategy
    • Organise and host stakeholder consultations (staff and consumers)
    • Conduct mystery shops and competitor analysis
    • Hold a customer experience mapping workshop with key stakeholders
    • Provide guidance on the development of policies and procedures
    • Run education sessions aligning to the process, policy and procedures

Anchor Leads

Dr Maggie Haertsch

Claire Ward

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