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Compliance Essentials Masterclass - The Directors Cut

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Designed for Directors and Board Members of Aged Care Providers (residential and home care).

All recorded modules are to be completed online and in your own time.

This condensed version of our Compliance Essentials: Key Personnel Masterclass has been designed specifically for Directors and Board Members to better understand the specific aged care compliance landscape, their role and obligations as key personnel of Approved Providers.

What Modules are covered?

Module 1 – Legislation, Key Reforms, Regulatory Administration, Approved Provider Responsibilities and Key Personnel

    • Aged Care Act and Principles
    • Summary of Key Reforms 2022 and 2023
    • Key Conditions of Receiving Subsidy
    • Key Personnel (obligations, liability and responsibilities)
    • Fundamental Approved Provider Responsibilities
    • Quality of Care Requirements
    • Additional Services

Module 2 – Approved Provider Responsibilities

    • User Rights and Accountability
    • Security of Tenure
    • Respite
    • Resident Agreements
    • Complaints Management
    • Prudential Compliance

Module 3 – Compliance and Consequences of Non-Compliance, Sanctions and Review of Decisions and Compliance Remediation

    • Non-compliance and the Quality and Safety Commission
    • Sanctions and Review of Decisions
    • Compliance Remediation

Module 4 – Aged Care Quality Standards and Substitute Decision Making

    • Aged Care Standards 1, 4, 5, 6 & 7
    • Dignity of Risk
    • Substitute Decision Making
    • Lessons learnt on compliance risk
    • Not Met Themes

Module 5 – Clinical Governance and Consumer Facing Risk

    • Aged Care Standards 2, 3 & 8
    • High Impact / High Prevalent Consumer Risk
    • Clinical and Care Governance

Module 6 – Serious Incident Response Scheme, Restrictive Practices and Upcoming Reform Agenda

    • Serious Incident Response Scheme
    • Restrictive Practices
    • Upcoming Reform Agenda including new Governance and Prudential Requirements

Module 7 (Optional) – NDIS Provider Responsibilities and Regulatory Issues

    • High Level Overview – Registration and Renewal, Variation, Suspension and Revocation of Registration,
      Key Personnel Obligations and Responsibilities, Worker Screening, Notification Obligations, Complaints
      and Incident Management and Reporting

How the masterclass is delivered

  • 6 modules of condensed, Director specific content
  •  Each module is 45 minutes in duration
  • Online delivery, recordings for each module provided to access at a time that suits you
  • Reading materials and handouts provided

Anchor Leaders

Cynthia Payne

Julie McStay

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Phone: 08 8236 1106

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