The Eileen Kramer Scholarship

“A caring, well-trained nurse can save your life.”

This scholarship provides an important opportunity for a registered nurse working in residential aged care to extend their skills and knowledge. It is a generous gift by Anchor Excellence and in particular, Cynthia Payne, who originally trained as a nurse, has been working to improve the abilities of nurses for many years. It is a tremendous opportunity to learn.
There are some people living in aged care homes that would like to say something about their life and their memories. The nurses can be very busy and don’t stop to listen. I believe it is very important to take the time to know the person and to stop and listen. Attention to this is an important part of nurses’ training. I believe this is important because we all need to talk about ourselves and our concerns, it is part of being human.

“When you have a passion, follow it.”

I have always followed my own passion for creative expression through drawing, dance, writing, choreographing and staging my dance works.
I find that I have a happier, more fulfilling life when I do what I enjoy and I continue to learn and develop my skills further. The same could be for nurses. I live in a residential aged care home although I am quite independent and still working, I watch how the nurses work and provide a lot of help to the others that live here. To do this sensitively they all have good training.
This is why I applaud Cynthia, this scholarship provides a lucky nurse with the opportunity to develop their career and make a positive difference to many people in their care and with whom they work.
 – Eileen Kramer

Who is this Scholarship for?

This Scholarship was created for the New Graduates and the New to industry clinical leaders that are wanting to expand their knowledge in the Aged Care Field and prepare themselves for the upcoming jobs in their future career. There are 3 Scholarships to be won, 2 for New Graduates, and one for a returner to the industry.

Applications Close 29th April 2021