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Aged Care Risk Management

Welcome to your high impact risk governance solution for aged care

The High Impact Risk Assessment – Elders (HiRA-E) identifies the risks older Australians face in residential aged care or in-home services. This online assessment and clinical and care governance solution will connect your Team to your consumers, improving aged care procedures and health and wellness outcomes. 

HiRA-E is the first platform to deliver an end-to-end clinical and care governance solution, giving you a complete evidence-based risk register that will;

  • Pre-emptively identify high impact risks for your consumers,
  • Support your care teams to understand, minimise and monitor the individual and community high impact risk,
  • Significantly reduce compliance risk at an accreditation and assessment level,
  • Provide transparency that informs board level, management and your clinical team,
  • Minimise your cost of care governance.

Benefits of implementing HiRA-E;

Clinical risk management procedures in aged care

Being able to demonstrate successful High Impact Risk management and clinical and care governance for consumers will be fundamental to delivering ‘dignity of care’ and meeting aged care quality standards 3 (3) (b) and 8 (3) (d) and regulatory obligations. Anchor Excellence and HiRA-E are here to support you manage any risks at your aged care service.

HiRA – E Risk Management Package Inclusions;

          1. High Impact Risk – Guidance material
          2. Comprehensive onboarding program
          3. Stakeholder communication (staff, consumers and their families)
          4. Process and User manual
          5. High Impact Risk Training – slide deck and facilitator notes
          6. Aftercare support program
          7. Help desk

Book a demo of the HiRA-E aged care risk management platform

Implementing the HiRA-E platform in your aged care service is a significant step towards delivering improved clinical and care governance and greater quality aged care. To find out more about the  HiRA-E platform and how it can benefit your aged care service, book a demo below today. 

Payment options are available upon request.

Yearly Subscription

$ 10c per Resident per day + GST

Per Year

*minimum 2 year sign up

Admin Fee

$ 500.00 + GST

One off fee

One off payment


"For less than 10c per resident per day we have a care governance solution that supports our compliance obligations. It has improved our residents outcomes and saved us time and resources - giving us a new best practice and oversight that we never had."

An Aged Care Provider

If a provider doesn’t identify the risk correctly – the chances of failing Standards 1, 3 and 8 of the aged care standards are high.

Standard 1

Standard 3 (3) (b)

Standard 8 (3) (d)

HiRA-E can be used for consumers receiving in-home care, retirement living residents, aged care consumers, palliative care consumers and hospital patients.