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Ingrid Fairlie

Ingrid Fairlie has 18 years experience in aged care, working for providers and the last 11 years working for regulatory bodies in aged care and disability services. Ingrid brings a diverse level of experience in quality and compliance. Ingrid’s experience includes working at the forefront of regulatory development as a subject matter expert for quality measurement in aged care collaborating with the Department of Health and technical advisory groups for the development of the new aged care standards and guidance material.

Ingrid brings a depth of knowledge of what drives organisational performance beyond compliance and achieve sustainable outcomes for consumers. Ingrid’s technical expertise in systems development and performance measurement combined with her engaging leadership style have assisted organisations in building capabilities to respond to complex change environments.

Ingrid holds a Masters in Business Administration and is an experienced trainer and facilitator.  As an international healthcare standards surveyor for the International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua), Ingrid brings different perspectives of best practice principles from around the world.

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