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This program gives you access to the resources, knowledge and critically the ‘situational awareness’ to mitigate risk and better serve your consumers.

You’ll also receive AnchorAssure’s ‘Profiling Tool’, allowing you to individually profile a consumer’s level of clinical risk.

Training Slide Deck

Provides the foundations for achieving excellence and mitigating high impact clinical risk, following a top down/clinical governance model.  To be used in internal training sessions or toolbox training. The deck also includes bite-size breakdowns of key risk areas.

Educational Factsheets

14 detailed documents looking at specific high impact clinical risk areas; from falls management to delirium, hearing loss to medication management. The factsheets outline the causes, consequences and solutions.

Consumer Risk Profiling Tool

This tool gives you the ability to calculate and profile each resident’s level of clinical risk. Please note, you will receive your AnchorAssure Consumer Risk Profiling tool within 48hrs of purchase. This is to ensure the tool is tailored to your needs.

Any Questions?

At Anchor Excellence, we’re more than happy to answer any questions you have or assist in setting up the Consumer Risk Profiling Tool. Please feel free to contact us on:


Phone: 02 – 8896 4355

We look forward to this program helping you mitigate risk and provide quality care to your consumers.