Advisory Bodies Package

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Enhancing Governance and Best Practices in Aged Care

The Advisory Bodies Package is a comprehensive framework and set of resources designed to assist aged care providers in strengthening their governance and best practices. It includes a range of tools, documents, and support services to help providers meet compliance obligations and enhance the delivery of high-quality care.

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What’s included in the Advisory Bodies Package?

Advisory Bodies Fact Sheets

These fact sheets provide detailed information and guidance on the role and importance of advisory bodies in aged care, as well as best practices for establishing and managing them.

Aged Care Slide Decks

The slide decks included in the Advisory Bodies Package provide a comprehensive overview of advisory bodies in aged care, their functions, and their integration into the governance framework. They also offer valuable insights for board members and executives on how advisory bodies can contribute to effective decision-making, change management, and governing changes in the aged care sector.

Advisory Bodies Tool

This tool assists providers in assessing their current advisory body practices and identifying areas for improvement. It helps align advisory body functions with the organisation’s goals and objectives.

Board and Executive Workshop

An Anchor Lead will conduct a workshop specifically designed for board members and executives to enhance their understanding of advisory bodies and their role in governance.

Internal Review Tools

These tools help providers conduct internal reviews of their advisory body practices, ensuring ongoing improvement and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Consumer Survey

The package includes a consumer survey template that can be used to gather feedback and insights from aged care consumers. 

Additional Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission Resource

Anchor Excellence provides access to additional resources and information from the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission to support providers in meeting their regulatory obligations.

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