Incident Management, Serious Incident Response Scheme and Elder Abuse Package

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What’s included?

Incident Management Package

  • Incident Management Policy
  • Incident Management Process
  • Incident Management Investigation Form
  • Incident Classification Table
  • Incident Management Register
  • Incident Management Checklist

SIRS Package

  • SIRS Policy and Appendix SIRS table
  • SIRS Process
  • SIRS Notification Form
  • Witness Statement Form
  • Investigation File Notes
  • SIRS Register
  • Root Cause Analysis form
  • Fishbone Tool
  • SIRS Process Guide
  • Incident Management Flowchart
  • SIRS summary material for staff, older people and their Substitute Decision Maker
  • Training slide deck
  • SIRS legislation and guidance material

Elder Abuse

  • Elder Abuse Policy
  • Elder Abuse Process

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