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Introducing AnchorMentor

New entrant CEOs, Executives and Managers must develop into their roles quickly and be able to yield high performance and targeted outcomes. Often new entrant appointments don’t have the industry-specific background, or they may have landed a role that is a tier higher than their previous position. The pressure is on them to settle in and grasp key drivers from day one, so that performance is achieved – especially during the important probationary period.

The use of an external mentor has many benefits, including having access to an experienced sounding board to review key issues and to consider their focus. Even experienced Executives and CEOs attest to the benefits of mentoring.

Anchor Excellence has developed a framework that encourages mentees to reflect on:

  • The balance between ‘working in the business’ and ‘working on the business’
  • How they are spending their time and what their priorities are in order to deliver on their role requirements, strategy or improvement focus
  • The risk landscape and what controls are in place or need to be instituted

AnchorMentor is a program specifically targeting industry leaders’ needs.

What’s Involved In This Leadership Mentoring Program?

  1. The Executive is matched to an Anchor Excellence Leader that best fits their role.
  2. Sessions (by phone or by video) in 1.5-hour timeslots are scheduled at a frequency determined by the Executive.
  3. Packages are purchased in 10-session bundles.
  4. The coaching relationship is commenced with a goal and objective-setting task, which informs the focus for each session
  5. The Anchor Excellence Leader commits to ensuring uninterrupted and dedicated time. They will follow up with any key actions or options for information that will assist the Executive.

Leadership Mentoring Can Focus On:

  • First 100 days in the role, the plan and the activity to execute
  • Planning for the business planning cycles
  • Issues in the team – how to navigate new relationships
  • Industry content and guidance

Leadership Mentoring Packages


In addition, we offer a series of Sydney-based mentoring opportunities:

  • One roundtable x 8pax for 3 hours – typically this would be for new starters but can be adapted
  • Three roundtables x 8pax for 3 hours (over a 9 month period) – this includes a more specific focus on current key issues impacting leadership, compliance drivers and business plan/ strategy execution
  • Round tables are limited to 8 people and are hosted in the Anchor Excellence offices at an investment of $2.5K for the package of three


  • Sky City Building, Suite 121 / 20B Lexington Drive, Bella Vista NSW 2153 Australia.


  • (02) 8610 1950



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