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Helping you to meet and exceed the aged care quality standards through effective governance.

Clinical Governance is a key area of compliance focus. It is particularly important for both Standard 3 and Standard 8 under the Aged Care Quality Standards. 

Boards are seeking external input over the quality of information they receive from management and whether or not the information meets the standards.

Some Clinical Governance sub committees need to refresh their terms of reference, their agenda and their expectations on management. A review helps them determine how the committee will evolve and set new focus and objectives that assist the organisation meets its Vision, Purpose and the compliance requirements it must serve to consumers and the regulator.

Why Employ Anchor Excellence?

The Anchor leaders have significant experience in completing these reviews.

We have supplied training on Clinical Governance, the relationship to the Aged Care Quality Standards, High Impact Risk and evaluated board packs and reports to give independent feedback on the quality and quantity of information being supplied by Management.

We have tools at ready to assist Boards and Clinical Governance subcommittees to strengthen their Clinical Governance including terms of reference, meeting agenda templates, High Impact Risk assessment and risk registers.

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