Clinical Processes & Systems Support

Improving the evidentiary trail to support compliance with the Aged Care Quality Standards and improve ACFI claiming.

Providers require an end to end review of documentation in order to have evidence that ensures both compliance with the Aged Care Standards as well as evidence to support validation for ACFI.

When key staff leave a provider they may find temporary or replacement staff do not maintain the quality of documents necessary to ensure compliance to the aged care standards and also to meet ACFI compliance requirements.

We will complete a root cause analysis to identify areas for improvement.

We will provide on the ground support to ensure complex health care oversight, direct assistance with care planning and review and education to staff focusing on your processes for care planning and complex health care management.

Why Employ Anchor Excellence?

Our specialist clinicians are highly qualified and have substantial knowledge and skill with the requirements of the Aged Care Standards, the ACFI and documentation requirements.

We will support you to build capability, improve systems and processes for self sustainability.

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