New Service Commissioning

Our leaders can help strengthen your commissioning planning by being an appointed member of your commissioning team resulting in your project’s success.

Smaller providers who have not undertaken significant refurbishment programs or deployment of new capital have greater project risk.

As a consequence the project may not have the necessary oversights and experience to mitigate risk and assure the Board and executive that commissioning is commercially astute and moves to reduce financial, compliance and operational risk.

Our selected leaders will complement your internal team’s approaches and capabilities. We are committed to building capabilities in systems, processes and people so that your team is strengthened and you acquire the ongoing benefit of knowledge transfer.

Why Employ Anchor Excellence?

Our Leaders have all had substantial experience in the entire end to end process of user design briefing, capital and DA planning, Approved Provider obligations for commissioning new services and commercial requirements for commissioning new services. We also deeply understand the Specified Care and Services Schedule and opportunities for additional services.

We will partner with your legal team to ensure that your agreements commercially drive the outcomes you seek to achieve – within the requirements of your Approved Provider obligations.

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