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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can create Assessments?

A site user can create Assessments

Who can Delete Assessments?

A site admin can delete Assessments

How can I change / edit a Risk Response to a consumer assessment?

The current version of HiRA-E allows you to edit a risk response only if the Status of an assessment is “In Progress”. A fresh assessment has to be entered and the older one can be deleted

Can I restore a deleted Assessment?

You can view a deleted assessment, however you cannot restore the assessment

How do I view a report for a specific consumer?

You are able to view specific consumers by logging in as ‘ Site Administration’ then selecting consumers on the menu bar and selecting the consumers name.

Why do I see an ‘Inactive’ assessment / another assessment ‘in Progress’?

The assessment form is designed to auto-save as you progress. So if the form remains incomplete for any reason such as, “session times out”, screen left idle > 10mins or power outage, the app is designed to save the form

You can always pick up from where you left. To do this, Log-in as “Site User” > Click on “Assessment” link on the top Menu bar> You will see “In Progress” in the ‘Status’ column next to the specific consumer> Click on the “grid” or “Dice” icon to the left of the specific consumer > select “Edit” from the dropdown > Complete all answers > click on Submit>   

I want to start a new assessment and disregard an ‘In Progress’ assessment

Log in as ‘Site Admin’ >Click on ‘Assessment’ link on top menu bar> In the ‘Status’ column, you will see “In Progress” next to the specific consumer> Click on the “grid” of “Dice” icon to the left of the specific consumer > select and Click “Inactivate” from the dropdown > Restart the process for creating new assessment through the “Site User” Login access

What is historical data?

Historical data includes records of previously existing consumer assessments that may be either ‘Inactive’, ‘ In Progress’ Or ‘Completed’

What does ‘in progress’ mean?

An assessment that has been started by a user but has not been completed or submitted, remains as ‘In Progress’ assessment.

the HiRA-E is designed to ‘auto-save’ forms as assessment progress even if ‘SUBMIT’ button has not been clicked.

This is to save all information in the event of a power outage or system remaining idle for a long time after login

Inactive assessments

A Site administrator can change the status of an ‘In Progress” Assessment to “In active”.

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