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Anchored In Excellence

“Our legacy is your success. When we work with you, our measure is your improved capability. That’s what drives us.”
Cynthia Payne, Managing Director

Our Mission

Impact the leadership and quality of aged care services, creating an aged care system to be proud of and one that is framed by the lived experience of Older Australians.

Our Promise

Leadership is always about people, we are leaders enabling leaders. Driven by our values, our promise is a legacy of improved and sustained capability.

Our Values

Changing Age Care For The Better

The Australian aged care landscape is undergoing enormous transformation, and critical changes in the demography have lead to a major shift in focus towards the consumer. This reform has disrupted many aged care businesses, at multiple levels.

In this new arena, leadership is critical. Anchor Excellence was borne of the recognition that any business operating within or alongside the aged care sector will be experiencing varying degrees of impact, across many facets of their business. Many would benefit from a team of leaders to guide them through the new landscape.

Anchor Excellence enables aged care leaders – boards, executives, managers – to strengthen their capability, align to the new industry dynamics, and deliver sustainable businesses, working through a Business Excellence Framework.

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