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Creating an aged care system to be proud of, and one that is framed by the lived experience of our elders.

With a commitment to excellence in aged care delivery, business transformation, leadership, mentoring and training – Anchor Excellence will ensure your organisation achieves its objectives.

About Anchor

Anchor Excellence are aged care leaders in the fields of executive management, governance, strategy, quality and compliance management, asset and property management, stakeholder management, customer experience and coaching. Their complementary mix of skills support leaders to grow, by working with organisations to create tailored solutions that drive sustainable change. They are a combined team, able to support your business in any aspect of aged care, delivering a seamless experience across a range of business areas.

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The Aged Care landscape is fast-moving and at times is uncertain and unpredictable. This comes with many levels of risk that needs to be managed in order to provide the safe and quality care that is expected by consumers and their families. To make the transformation required and emerge stronger from the disruptions facing the sector, aged care organisations require strong leadership, resilience and agility. Through our range of services and programs we and can assist you to prepare, respond and adapt giving you the resources needed to overcome the challenges you may face.

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Take A Proactive Approach To High Impact Risk with HiRA-E

Anchor Excellence have developed an online High Impact Risk Governance Solution that delivers an end-to-end clinical and care governance framework. HiRA-E is a complete evidence-based risk register that will preemptively identify high impact risk for your consumers, support your care teams to understand, minimise and monitor each individual and the community, and significantly reduce compliance risk.

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We bring aged care industry insight, technical expertise and collaborative ethos to the packages we have developed. With deep knowledge of the aged care legislation and the ACQS we can help you embrace the aged care reform agenda . Whether it’s forging stronger consumer relationships or leaning into future regulation, our suite of packages and tools have been created to support you and your teams to deliver safe and quality care.

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Anchor Academy

AnchorAcademy provides bespoke education and development solutions to organisations to enable your staff and improve their performance and capability. We have practical, on the ground experience in managing services and working in the business and can tailor your education and support based on your individual needs.

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