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Anchor Seniors & Retirement Living

Anchor Excellence strives to create business practices that will support an ageing journey to be proud of, and one that is framed by the lived experiences of residents.

With a commitment to business excellence, Anchor Excellence provides a variety of programs and services with a lens on compliance, best practice, strategy, transformation, leadership, mentoring and professional development. Experienced Anchor Excellence consultants support your organisation to meet current objectives and to prepare for and strive toward, future opportunities.

Seniors & Retirement Living Services and Programs

At a time when the Retirement Living industry is dealing with continuous legislative change, evolving service delivery models, workforce capacity limitations and increasing resident expectations, operators are continuously having to adapt to achieve business excellence.

To keep pace with this continuously changing environment, Anchor Excellence is pleased to announce a number of advisory programs, consultancy services, and professional development initiatives to assist Operators prepare, respond and adapt:

    • Anchor Compliance
    • Anchor Assure
    • Anchor Policy
    • SAGE National Seniors and Retirement Living Tours

These industry specific initiatives have been developed to meet the industry challenges, governance requirements and support front line teams in the delivery of innovation and excellence to the communities they serve.

Anchor Compliance

Legislative reviews are increasingly calling on operators to have the systems, processes and knowledge in place to operate compliant retirement communities in a transparent manner with contemporary business practices.
Recent legislative reviews have called for key persons/decision makers to have current and updated knowledge of legislation and their application to the operations of a retirement village.

Anchor Compliance seeks to offer Retirement Living operators the opportunity to participate in a Compliance Audit of current business providing a comprehensive remediation presentation and action plan.
Upon the conclusion of the audit, Anchor Excellence will provide a presentation for knowledge-sharing purposes.

Anchor Assure

Residents, Government and industry are calling on operators to focus on building and maintaining high standards of service delivery including an increased focus on transparency, contemporary business practices and engagement in decision making. Boards and senior executives have a mandate to ensure risk and governance standards are established and organisational business practices are supporting a competitive offering to residents through innovative, efficient and optimal service delivery.

The Anchor Assure program seeks to provide operators with the option to undertake a best practice gap analysis of current business practices against industry best practice frameworks, Code of Conduct and Australian Retirement Village Accreditation Scheme Standards (ARVAS) providing a summarised report that will identify actions to feed into continuous improvement plans.
This program ideal for organisations wanting to take the next step toward business excellence, whether it is the desire to participate in the Code of Conduct, prepare for ARVAS assessment, meet the current and future expectations of residents or, position themselves as an industry leading operator.

Anchor Policy

Anchor Policy provides operators and their teams with policy templates that meet the requirements of the Code of Conduct and ARVAS frameworks. The Policy packs are formulated to be editable, tailored to the operator’s work practices and standardised across the organisation.

These templates will not only save teams time in researching, writing, reviewing and tracking policy, they will seek to be part of sound governance strategies, and provide the much sought after clarity and consistency that is sought by residents and employees.

Anchor Leaders

Aileen Stewart

Executive Lead – Seniors and Retirement Living