31st October 2023

Be Ready to Shine – Nail Your Next Assessment Visit



Anchor Excellence

For many Managers and Executives preparing for an assessment visit or quality review is sometimes a daunting experience. We know that teams can feel stressed, nervous and not entirely sure onhow to provide evidence and information. Good preparation and practice will help you demonstration your risk management approach and builds confidence within the team, ensuring they are ready to address the areas that a visit is likely to focus on.

To help organisations in the aged care sector assess their readiness, identification of risk and identify areas for improvement, the Anchor Excellence team have created an effective solution.

The latest Sector Performance Report (January to March 2023) reported that there were;

  • 1,088 site audits, performance assessments, monitoring contacts and quality audits for residential and home services undertaken.
  • 124 services were found non-compliant in at least one Aged Care Quality Standard and the most common requirement that Residential Aged Care providers did not comply with was 3(3)(a) – Safe and effective personal and clinical care. For Home Services Providers, 8 (3)(c) – Effective Governance Systems was assessed with the most non-compliance.

A proactive and confident approach during an assessment visit or quality review gives visiting assessors trust that you and your team know your service, and you know it well.

The Compliance Health Check is efficient and cost effective way to complete a high level review of your organisation’s internal policies, process and readiness for an assessment visit or quality review.

During your Compliance Heath Check, you can expect an Anchor Leader to;

  • Conduct an Entry Meeting following the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission’s (ACQSC) assessment visit process
  • Review of key documents such as entry questions, complaints register and SIRS reportables.
  • Undertake an Environmental Audit (residential only) assessing against industry standards and best practice guidelines and we will also engage with the most important people in your home – your consumers.
  • Gather consumer feedback on their overall wellness and satisfaction with the care and services provided by you and your team and compare this with the documentation in the care and service plans and the CMS.

Partner with Anchor Excellence today and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your team is fully prepared. Our expert team of leaders is committed to supporting you every step of the way, helping you achieve excellence in aged care.

Pricing is determined on the size of consumer sampling you wish to be included but generally starting from $3,850.00 + GST.

Reach out today to find out more about how we can support you and your service in your compliance needs.