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Compliance Health Check (Residential and Home Care)

The Anchor Excellence Compliance Health Check is an effective way to complete a high level review of your organisation’s internal policies, process and readiness for an Assessment Visit or Quality Review.

Being ready to support an assessment visit is your first line demonstration of your risk management approach and builds confidence in the team to be ready for the areas that a visit will likely focus on. The Commission encourages providers to understand their readiness and compliance outlook.

During an Compliance Health Check, one of our expert leaders will visit your service for a high level one-day assessment, providing you with an overview of your preparedness for a Commission assessment visit. By identifying potential compliance risks, we will provide you with recommendations and highlight opportunities for improvement, enabling you to enhance and refine your care and services. 

You can expect:

  • Entry Meeting – following the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission’s (ACQSC) assessment visit process, including review of key documents such as entry questions, complaints register and SIRS reportables.
  • Environmental Audit (Residential) – we will review your service’s current environment, assessing against industry standards and best practice guidelines. We will provide you with detailed recommendations to assist your service in meeting your compliance obligations, creating a safe and home-like environment for your consumers. 
  • Consumer Engagement/ Documentation review – At Anchor Excellence, we believe in the importance of hearing directly from those who matter most – your consumers. As part of our Compliance Health Check, our Anchor Leader will meet/call a sample of consumers and/or representatives to gather feedback on their overall wellness and satisfaction with the care and services provided by you and your team and compare this with the documentation in care and service plans and your CMS. Correlating key insights and information is key to identifying areas of strength and potential areas for improvement in your consumer engagement and documentation. 

Pricing is determined on the size of consumer sampling you wish to be included but generally starting at $3,850.00 +GST.

This is are a cost effective way to experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your team has all the tools to prepare for an accreditation visit or quality audit. Our expert team of leaders are committed to supporting you every step of the way, enabling you to achieve excellence in aged care.