6th March 2024

Key Considerations for Standard 1: The Strengthened Aged Care Standards



Anchor Excellence

Standard 1, “The Person,” acts as the cornerstone for the remaining six standards within the Aged Care Quality Standards framework. It outlines the fundamental principles that govern interactions between care providers and older individuals, emphasising the importance of recognising each person’s unique identity and life experiences.

At the heart of Standard 1 lie key concepts such as independence, autonomy, choice, control, dignity, privacy, and diversity. These concepts play a crucial role in safeguarding the safety and autonomy of older individuals receiving care.

The four outcomes of Standard 1 establish a structured framework for cultivating a care environment that is culturally safe, with services guided by trauma-aware and healing-centered approaches. The four outcomes are as follows:

  1. Person-centred care
  2. Dignity, respect and privacy
  3. Choice, independence and quality of life
  4. Transparency and agreements

These outcomes offer clear guidance for care providers in delivering services to older individuals.

It is essential that the care and services outlined in the Service Agreement for each older person are explicitly defined. Adequate time should be allocated for the individual or their appointed decision-maker to review the agreement and seek external advice if necessary.

Furthermore, older individuals have the inherent right to live free from any form of discrimination and should have their care and services tailored to align with their preferences.

Standard 1 sets the benchmark for person-centred care and service provision across all aspects of the Strengthened Aged Care Quality Standards, highlighting the importance of personalised and respectful care practices.

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