Hotel, Hospital, Home or…Haven?: The forth ‘H’ challenge emerging in Residential Aged Care…providing a safe haven from harm..

There’s a new baseline that aged care providers wanting to meet the compliance under the new quality standards, need to satisfy.  New accreditation assessment increasingly asks residents: “Do you feel safe?”. This deliberate change in focus back to basics to ensure residents are fundamentally safe from harm is now front and centre. It can be evidenced form systemic change of the residential aged care industry in the last year – from the name change of the quality agency to include ‘safety’ in the title – all the way through to the establishment of a Royal Commission, whose terms of reference include inquiry into “…mistreatment and all forms of abuse.”

Previously, innovative providers were faced with three environmental drivers: Are they providing hotels, hospitals or homes. That is, they were increasingly asked to create luxury of a hotel setting, with the clinical services of a hospital or health care setting, while also providing the comforts we enjoy in our own home.

John Engeler, of Anchor Excellence had written and presented previously on how these goals had often contradicted each other, and it was operationally difficult for even the most innovative of operators to rate well on all three simultaneously. This ‘dilemma’ became known as the ‘the triple H challenge’, and was referred to recently in the Royal Commission.

The challenge of providing appropriate environments – with all the requisite, goods and services – from furniture & equipment procurement through to the correct policies & procedures –  that effectively met all three goals, hence the idea of the Triple H challenge. As mentioned, a recent hearing of Royal Commission heard witnesses giving accounts as evidence of this very real and dynamic dilemma (Perth sitting, July 2019)..[Insert link here?]

How can your organisation rise to the challenge of exceeding your customers’ and funder’s expectations? How can you ensure both for compliance and competition – both carrot and stick, that you are well supported and positioned to meet new compliance under new accreditation?

At Anchor Excellence we can ensure you not only meet but exceed this new challenge.

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