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How to Handle Calls with the Commission

When conducting calls with the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission it is important to be fully prepared with all the information required. Your team who will be involved in the call also needs to be fully briefed on the intended discussion with the Compliance Officer. 

Prior to the commission call, you will have provided the Compliance Officer with information including;

  •  a comprehensive clinical governance/compliance report, including;
    • narrative to address any areas of concern including investigation, 
    • analysis and actions, 
    • a named resident progress report, 
    • an updated plan for continuous improvement (PCI) and,
    • a training plan 

This information is all part of your compliance remediation plan following a site audit and compliance action.

It is important that all members of the team involved in commission call have a clear understanding of the process and areas they will be responsible to report on. To achieve this schedule a regular meeting with key team members prior to the commission call to go through the reports and prepare for the discussion with the Compliance Officer. A clear agenda is essential and should detail the format of the meeting, this will provide structure and ensure that all the area are covered by the appropriate team members.  

A standard agenda for these meetings may include:

  • Actions from previous meeting 
    • PCI update action completed
    • Workforce, Agency usage, unfilled shifts, recruitment strategies 
    • Training plan  – training completed
    • Consumer update: critical incidents including deaths; SIRS; hospitalisations etc 
  • Clinical Governance Reports 
  • Named resident update
  • Training Plan update – percentage of training completed
  • PCI update
  • Complaints- new and closed complaints
  • Communications – meetings conducted
  • Other – Areas to address compliance action

It’s vital that there is a person delegated to be the minute taker, who will note any additional questions or queries from the compliance office requiring action to be taken following the call.

Team members providing feedback to the compliance officer should ensure:

  • The information provided is clear, concise, and accurate.
  • They provide information regarding the investigation, actions taken, and outcomes. 

The aim of the Commission calls is to monitor and track the performance of the home against the compliance notice and to bring the home back to compliance. 

Working as a team with the commission during the calls and regular reporting enables the home to demonstrate improvement against the Aged Care Quality Standards in areas identified by the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission, and, provide evidence and confidence to the commission that the home is on track to mitigate any serious non-compliance impacting on the health and safety of consumers.

Sue Smith

Specialist Consultant

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