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Is Your Customer Experience Missing Something?

Customer experience mustn’t be confused with customer service. Although the two are related, one is based on a single transaction (customer service) and the other is the complete journey a customer will be on, through all interactions with your business. So, what does that mean for your organisation, and how can you ensure that you are creating an excellent experience for your customers?

There’s a huge transformation happening in aged care, bringing with it several priorities that all need attention… now. This in itself is a major challenge for the sector. With so many strategic initiatives needing to be developed, implemented and evaluated, all at the same time, and with equal rigor needed to make them a success, it can be hard to prioritise what really matters.

While the continuous improvement log needs to be updated, and policies and procedures must be amended to consider the new single quality framework, the true focus has to remain on the customers and residents in our care, and their family members.

Being supported, living with a sense of purpose and meaning, knowing joy and happiness – these are all things that are imperative to our total wellbeing. This does not change because we get older.

Do you know the saying ‘one swallow doesn’t make a summer’? The same applies to good, bad or great customer experience. We can organise an amazing birthday celebration for a resident, but if the next day we forget that they have requested a glass of wine with their dinner, this will definitely affect their overall experience. One seemingly small (to us) slip up, to our customers, can mean the world.

Great customer experience should delight and surprise. It should be seamless and consistent, and always be checking in with those that matter – the customers – about how well we are doing.

One of the best ways to find out if your customer experience is missing something is to simply ask. Check in with residents, their families, and staff. Ask, “how are we doing?” and “what could we do better?”.

But it doesn’t end there. You have to listen, respond and take action on suggestions (where appropriate of course). And don’t just ask once. Follow up, and ask “how is that going now?” and “how do you feel we are doing now?” and “what else could we do better?”

A warm and welcoming culture, with people who are genuinely passionate about supporting older people, alongside a best practice customer experience framework, is the blueprint you need to ensure your customers have their best possible day, all day, every day.

To find out how the Anchor Excellence team can help you craft the ultimate customer experience journey, contact us today.

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