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This year Anchor Excellence launched the New Graduate and New to Industry Program, which involves evidence-based modules that are all focused on supporting registered nurses to understand their role and begin the transition from novice to expert clinician. The transition from student nurse to registered nurse especially working in a sector that is going through significant reform can be fraught with many emotions ranging from happiness and excitement to fear, anxiety and uncertainty. We chatted to the participants last week about their experiences, what they have learnt and how they feel the program will support them now and into the future.
Read what Tiarnee de Brueys from Embracia says about her experience and learnings..
Joining the Anchor Excellence New Graduate Program has allowed us to take our knowledge to the next level, along with striving for better care and outcomes for our residents within our aged care facilities. Throughout this six month program, a small number of us new graduates or new to industry nurses have been given the opportunity to closely collaborate with one another throughout fortnightly zoom sessions, which has allowed us to identify similarities and differences amongst all of our facilities. Each fortnight we had the pleasure of being presented with new learning content from Carla and Irene from Anchor Excellence. Our module content and learning objectives have revolved around clinical leadership, clinical governance, effective assessment, care planning services and investigation of incidents. We also spent time participating in a number of case studies and presenting one of our own to the group. These case studies allowed us to showcase our hard work and understanding of the learning content we discussed over the weeks. We have been able to refresh a lot of existing knowledge but develop our skills and learning in a large variety of areas to assist us in advancing ourselves as nurses in our workplaces.
Read what Bindiya Maharjan from Gummun Place Hostel says about her experience and learnings..
The Anchor New Grad program and Eileen Kramer’s Scholarship supported me to extend my skills and knowledge as a nurse in the aged care home.  As a nurse, I always want to make a difference in people’s life. Receiving the Eileen Kramer’s Scholarship at the beginning of my nursing career is a gift to which I will be always grateful. Working as a new graduate nurse in aged care was not easy until I joined the ‘New Graduate and the New to Industry Program’ from Anchor Excellence. Each module of this course has been so well-prepared that it covers all the aged care quality standards. It enhanced my knowledge to provide safe, high standard quality care to the resident in aged care and it developed my confidence and leadership behaviour. I have been praised by the supervisor for making effective care planning, organizing case-conference in line with the Aged Care Quality Standards, and for understanding and acknowledging the high impact of high prevalence risk in elderly people.  Moreover, this course has supported me to improve clinical documentation and enhanced my knowledge regarding continuous quality improvement plans. The documentation process and its uses in the aged care home are difficult to understand for the new graduate nurse like me but this course helped me to understand and allowed me to implement them in aged care for the continuous improvement of the aged care services and to understand the needs, likes and the preferences of the residents. Similarly, I learned about the importance of adverse events, their investigations, to improve care and to prevent reoccurrence in the future, I gained skills about effective auditing process, the importance of clinical meetings involving residents and multidisciplinary team for better improvement, and compliance. This course provided me evidenced based practical information which motivated me to be a clinical leader of aged care and to develop my professional behaviour in the nursing career. Lastly, I would like to thank Eileen Kramer and the Anchor Academy Team for providing me with this opportunity to make difference in people’s life.
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