31st October 2023

More than just a communication tool



Anchor Excellence

Retirement village operators often mistake software, particularly those with accompanying apps, as a form of social media or communication platform. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth, especially with Person Centred Software’s Retirement Living Software, powered by Centrim Life! 

Although Centrim Life has apps and QR codes, it provides a wide range of features and benefits that go way beyond what initially may come to mind. With Centrim Life’s modules, retirement living operators are able to strive towards digital transformation and business excellence, enhancing the lives of residents and helping to drive the delivery of high resident satisfaction. 

Centrim Life offers a complete one-stop-shop specifically built for village operations management.  

Whether you want to: 

  • Manage prospective leads and current prospective residents 
  • Identify key marketing/sales activities and trends 
  • Build resident relationships and communications  
  • Store resident details, documents and interactions 
  • Collect feedback and track complaints  
  • Manage ad hoc, planned or preventative maintenance 
  • Interact with suppliers and contractors  
  • Automate workflows  
  • Manage day-to-day tasks 
  • View a dashboard overview of village operations 

The Operations Management Software, powered by Centrim Life will exceed your expectations.  

Centrim Life customer Tania Kelly, Director Neighbourhood Living at Kalyra Communities, is responsible for six retirement villages in metropolitan and regional South Australia; she recently shared how the software has given Kalyra the confidence to continue to grow its portfolio.

“The ability to support my teams in the villages by accessing and viewing multiple village operations via a central dashboard in real-time either from my desktop or the mobile app has been a game-changer”.

Jodie Prosser, Retirement Living Executive (Centrim Life), Person Centred Software, adds:

“The Person Centred Software and Centrim Life team continually strive to provide solutions to simplify village operations. We have introduced over 300 new features and improvements in the past six months alone, which demonstrates our commitment to being responsive and adaptive to our customers’ evolving business needs”.

Centrim Life has an intuitive design and has been developed with user-friendliness in mind, with online user guides and help videos at your fingertips as well as access to a local support team for instant telephone support.  

The software also provides evidence for over 85% of the Australian Retirement Village Accreditation Standards for those looking to take their village operations to the next level.  

With Centrim Life in place, village teams can look forward to throwing away paper notes, more efficient work practices, and the ability to store all the essential village, resident and property information in one cloud-based platform.  

A number of residents have given feedback on Centrim Life; they enjoy the simplicity of the platform, the timely communications, and the ability to stay up to date on village activities and log maintenance requests, all from their own devices or village kiosks. 

Village teams have more time to focus on the important areas of village operations, such as resident relationships, instead of being bogged down by admin. 

Centrim Life brings together village operations into one easy-to-use, intuitive platform that will streamline village operations and improve resident satisfaction.  

For more information about Person Centred Software’s Retirement Living Software, powered by Centrim Life, contact the team today