Standard 6 – Food and Nutrition

Achieving best practices in nutrition and hydration involves numerous elements, including consumer consultation, effective care planning, up-to-date policies and processes, and education.

Recommended for: Registered Nurses, Care Managers and Clinical Leaders, Service Level Managers, Allied Health teams, Quality Coordinators and Managers

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What will this session cover?

  • An Overview of Aged Care Quality Standards: Understand the role of nutrition, hydration, and dysphagia in the context of ACQS.
  • Compliance Frameworks: Learn about regulatory compliance, including NQIP, SIRS, Food Authority Programs, menu reviews, internal and external auditing, staff education, and competency assessment.
  • Relevant Documentation: Identify the necessary paperwork to ensure best practices in nutrition and hydration.
  • Medication Considerations: Review considerations related to medications in the context of nutrition and hydration.
  • Outbreak Management: Understand considerations during disease outbreaks.
  • ACQSC Visits: Discuss ACQSC short, targeted, and unannounced visits.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I watch this session online?

Yes, this session is available online

Will I have access to the resources used in the session?

After the session has concluded, you will be given access to the slide presentation, as well as the resources referenced in the session

Can I use one registration for my team?

No, each registration is for one participant only. Team discounts are available.