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Elevate Your Retirement Living Offerings

We are excited to introduce you to our Retirement Living Policy and Process Package.

Elevating Standards, Ensuring Excellence

We are excited to introduce you to our NEW Retirement Living Policy and Process Package. As a reputable leader in the Seniors Living sector, Anchor Excellence understands the importance of providing comprehensive and tailored solutions to meet the evolving needs of your residents and industry standards. 

Our policy and process package has been prepared to meet Code of Conduct and ARVAS, and set your villages up for demonstrated best practice

As the Retirement Living sector transforms, more and more providers are taking up the Code of Conduct and ARVAS, and our policies and processes are tailored to meet the evolving needs of owners. Take steps today to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your residents, and ensure a Village or Villages of Excellence by staying on top of the latest industry updates.

What we can offer you

ARVAS standard (criteria subheadings)What is required to meet the StandardAnchor policy to meet the standard and criteria
Standard 1 – Community Management
The Community is managed efficiently and
effectively; the Community Manager is a
positive and proactive leader of the Community
team with a strong customer service orientation
1.1 Community Manager
1.2 Policies and  Process
1.3 Resident Billing
1.4 Information Management
1.5 Contract Management
1.6 Quality Improvement
– Community Management POLICY
– Cyber security P&P
– Privacy P&P
– Community Manager Position Description
– Policies and Process – P&P
– Maintenance Fee Increase (NSW) letter – TEMPLATE
– Maintenance Fee Increase Letter – TEMPLATE
– Resident Billing P&P
– Information Management P&P
– Contract Management P&P
– Quality Improvement Plan (Excel) – TEMPLATE
– Quality Improvement P&P
– Annual Budget Process
– Pet Approval FORM
– Pet Ownership P&P
– Accessing Resident’s Homes Process
– Additions and Alterations OT FORM
– Additions and Alterations P&P
– Additions and Alterations Resident’s FORM
– Resident Gardening Approval FORM
– Resident Gardening Process
Standard 2 – Human Resource Management
The Community’s employment management
practices ensure that the quality and quantity of
staff are sufficient to meet operational needs
2.1 Selection and Induction
2.2 Performance Development
2.3 Credentialing
2.4 Work Health and Safety
HR Manual, including:

– Staff recruitment
– Equal Employment opportunity
– Process for Filling a Vacant Position
– Process for New Staff Orientation
– Staff Supervision and Support
– Performance Appraisals
– Staff Education and Training
– Staff Performance Dispute
– Staff Grievance Process
– Mandatory Notification Requirements About
Registered Health Practitioners
– Leave
– Notification of Incident / Accident
– Management Responsibilities
– Employee Responsibilities
– Work Health and Safety
Standard 3 – Resident Entry and Exit
The Community’s processes for managing
resident entry and exit are effective and
focus on a positive resident experience.
3.1 Sales and Marketing
3.2 Contracting
3.3 Orientation
3.4 Resident Exit
– Contracting Meeting AGENDA
– Contracting P&P
– GP Letter – TEMPLATE
– Moving in Early Letter – TEMPLATE
– Orientation CHECKLIST
– Orientation P&P
– Personal Information FORM – Instructions
for Legal Team
– Premises Condition REPORT
– Prospective Resident – Application FORM
– Resident Entry P&P
– Resident Exit Advice FORM
– Resident Exit P&P
– Resident Information and Privacy Consent FORM
– Sales and Marketing P&P
Standard 4 – Resident Engagement
and Feedback
The Community engages residents
4.1 Resident Engagement
4.2 Resident Information
4.3 Annual Meeting of Residents
4.4 Resident Committee
4.5 Resident Experience
4.6 Complaints and Disputes
– Feedback Register TEMPLATE
– Resident Engagement P&P
– Resident Information Handbook P&P
– Annual Meeting of Residents P&P
– Annual Meeting of Residents – Meeting Agenda
– Annual Meeting of Residents – Meeting Minutes
– Management Resident Committee Action Plan
– Resident Committee P&P
– Residents Committee – Terms of Reference
– Village Manager Report TEMPLATE – Presenting
at Resident Committee Meeting
– Resident Committee – Meeting Agenda
– Resident Experience P&P
– Resident Survey TEMPLATE
– Complaints and Disputes – Acknowledgement
– Complaints and Disputes P&P
– Elder Abuse P&P

Recourses included: Retirement living code of conduct
complaints handling guidelines AND NSW Elder Abuse
Toolkit: Identifying and Responding to the Abuse of
Older People – The 5 Step Approach
Standard 5 – Community Environment,
Services, and Facilities
The Community environment, service and
facilities are managed effectively and in
accordance with contractual obligations.
5.1 Common Areas and Facilities
5.2 Catering Services
5.3 Transport Services
5.4 Maintenance Services
5.5 Personal Services
5.6 Emergency Response
– Common Areas and Facilities P&P
– Common Areas Cleaning AUDIT TOOL
– Common Areas Cleaning Schedule TEMPLATE
– Catering Services P&P
– Food Safety Hygiene Monthly CHECKLIST
– First Aid P&P
– Incoming Goods CHECKLIST
– Kitchen Cleaning Schedule TEMPLATE
– Monthly Menu TEMPLATE
– Quality CHECKLIST Incoming Goods Products
NOT Meeting Requirements
– Residents Dietary Profile FORM
– Transport Services – Bus Trip CHECKLIST
– Transport Services P&P
– Maintenance Request ACTION PLAN
– Maintenance Request FORM
– Maintenance Services P&P
– Preventative Maintenance Schedule TEMPLATE
– Additional Personal Services P&P
– Personal Services P&P
– Resident unable to live independently P&P
– Emergency Call System P&P
Standard 6 – Safety and Security
The Community’s processes for managing
safety and security are effective.
6.1 Environmental Safety
6.2 Plant and Equipment
6.3 Emergency and Disaster Management
6.4 Fire Safety
– Environmental Safety and Security Process
– Environmental Safety POLICY
– Risk Management P&P
– Risk Management TOOL
– Plant and Equipment P&P
– Emergency and Disaster Management P&P
– Emergency Management CHECKLIST
– Fire Safety P&P
Standard 7 – Resident Care
Residents receive safe, high-quality care
consistent with their needs and preferences.
– Assessment, Care and Service Planning P&P
– Changing Behaviours P&P
– Choking Incident  Process
– Deteriorating Consumer P&P
– Dignity of Risk P&P
– Falls Management P&P
– Falls Management  Process CHECKLIST
– Falls Management  Process POSTER
– Falls Prevention Plan – I can Mobilise Myself
– Falls Prevention Plan – I can Mobilise with Assistance
– Incident Management P&P
– Incident Management Systems FLOWCHART
– Managing Hydration, Nutrition and Dysphagia P&P
– Post Falls Assessment and Review TEMPLATE
– Pressure Injury P&P
– Safe Footwear CHECKLIST
– Skin Integrity P&P
– Skin Tear PROCESS
– Unexplained Absence P&P
– Wound Care and Pressure Injuries FACTSHEET
– Wound Management P&P


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