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Sage Study Tours –

A Global Perspective On Eldercare 

Welcome to SAGE Tours, your global perspective on Eldercare. 

The SAGE (Studying and Advancing Global Eldercare) Study Tour program is an opportunity for industry leaders to experience and gain insights into eldercare from a global perspective.  The program offers delegates an educative, professional and culturally appropriate study experience looking at aged care and seniors living models and the evidence-based best-practise delivery of care and services around the world. 

This unique global program run by Program  Director Judy Martin has successfully hosted over 40 study tours in the last 17 years, with over 450 Industry  leaders visiting over 15 countries, including; the UK, Europe, Scandinavia, USA,  Canada, Sth Africa, New Zealand,  China and Hong Kong, and Japan 

England and Scotland (27 August - 9 September 2023)

“Housing-with-Care- the success of Integrated communities” What are the defining features of an Integrated Retirement Community? Join Industry CEO’s and Senior executives tin this program to England to answer. This program has been timed to include your attendance at the international Global Ageing Network conference in Scotland

Japan (12 - 18 November 2023)

The key focus of this program will be innovative design models for the future and the program includes a Dementia Design Masterclass hosted by International Dementia Design Architects. Delegates will explore Japan’s national plans for active ageing, and Government initiatives to face the world’s leading ageing population

As well as delegates receiving insights from some of the world’s most highly respected industry professionals, why else is attending a Sage Study Tour a good investment for your business? 

Learning Experiences

Delegates are exposed first-hand to high-quality sites and communities with recognised contemporary management practices. Delegates will learn about successful alternative service delivery models and meet with senior Executives who are on the same journey to strive for best practice. The SAGE programs  are led by  executive  leader with years of industry experience who will facilitate knowledge and cultural exchange and make your program experience valuable and impactful.

Professional Development

Directors, Board Members and Senior Executives will receive a broadened professional knowledge base to lead their organisations and strengthen relationships, personal and professional networks across the entire industry sector.  Aged Care and Seniors living professionals will participate in excellent forums for fostering and exchanging learning and cultural opportunities.

What’s involved?

Leaders will be provided with an opportunity to gain valuable insights into key organisations that are involved in the provision of aged care and seniors living across the globe by:

Visiting clinical and educational sites/institutions

Exchanging learning opportunities across different cultures

Participating in forums and attending conferences that fostering creativity

Facilitating cultural exchange at an industry and personal level

Learn about alternative service delivery models

Meeting with well-respected professionals working in the field

Gaining an understanding of alternative forms of service delivery in clinical delivery, community education, resource development and research

Making valuable connections with key contacts in the international aged care and seniors living fields

Developing an understanding of the roles of government, non-government organisations (NGOs) and the private sector in the provision of aged care services in other countries