Additional Services in Aged Care Program

Aged Care Additional Services Program

Additional Services involve understanding preferences, competition, capabilities, financial models, compliance, and transformation needs.

A proven framework and methodology

Offering older persons additional services is a strategy that providers are starting to embrace with more vigour. Additional services aim to enhance the older person’s lived experience by providing services beyond the essential mandated care and services required under the Aged Care Act.

What are additional services?

Additional services refer to supplementary care and amenities provided to older individuals residing in Residential Aged Care facilities by the service provider. These services may include a range of offerings such as spa treatments, expanded menu choices, access to tools like phones and the internet, leisure and entertainment options, as well as access to streaming services.

dance classes as an additional service in aged care

Understanding your success

The key elements to reaching your success in rolling out an additional services strategy include understanding:

  • Older person’s personal preferences
  • The local competition and your value proposition
  • Your operational capabilities
  • Your financial model and expectations
  • The importance of the transformation required
  • The compliance environment
Aged care hairdressing services additional service

What are the benefits?

Older person satisfaction, compliance with the Aged Care Quality Standards, transformation success, revenue increase and diversification, program sustainability, and future client appeal are all key factors to consider in the successful operation of an aged care facility.

Our proven additional services methodology

Led by our expert Anchor Leaders, our Additional Services Audit includes:

  • Conducting an audit
  • Older person consultation
  • Competitor analysis
  • Setting up a work group
  • Business operations Implementation
  • Older person satisfaction
Excersize additional service in aged care

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