Behaviour Support Planning and Restrictive Practices Review

Behaviour Support Planning & Restrictive Practices Targeted Review

Unlocking Compliance and Consumer Well-being

What does our audit review?

  • Deep File Review: We meticulously review behaviour support planning for a minimum of 8-10 consumers as nominated by your clinical team.
  • Educational Session: We conduct a face-to-face education session on Behaviour Support Planning and Restrictive Practices for your staff (unlimited numbers).
  • Psychotropic Register Examination: We evaluate psychotropic registers, ensuring deprescribing plans are in place.
  • Policy and Process Review: We assess your Restrictive Practices Policy and Process.
  • Comprehensive Report: Following our onsite visit, we provide a detailed report summarising our findings and recommendations.
  • Feedback and Discussion: We offer a complimentary one-hour session for feedback and discussion with an AE consultant after sending the report.

Why choose our audit?


Our team of experienced professionals specialises in behaviour support planning and restrictive practices.

Tailored approach

We tailor our review to address the unique needs and challenges of your organisation.

Compliance aligned

We will support you in implementing practices that align with ACQS and legislative requirements.

Results are one conversation away

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