Compliance Health Check

Compliance Health Check

Our Compliance Health Check offers a comprehensive assessment to ensure your organisation is well-prepared for regulatory visits. Through expert evaluations and tailored recommendations, we help enhance your compliance readiness and improve care services. Gain peace of mind and excel in aged care with our cost-effective support for accreditation visits and quality audits.

When Was Your Last Check-Up?

Our tool provides a high-level and effective review of your organisation’s internal policies, processes, and readiness for an Assessment Visit or Quality Review.

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Supporting Your Assessment Visits

Demonstrate a proactive risk management approach and instil confidence in your team’s readiness for areas likely to be assessed. The Commission strongly encourages providers to thoroughly understand their readiness and compliance status, and our Compliance Health Check is designed to assist you in this endeavour.

Demonstrate a proactive risk management approach and instil confidence in your team

What to Expect During Your Check-Up

Entry Meeting

Following the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission’s assessment visit process, including a thorough review of key documents such as entry questions, complaints register, and SIRS reportables.

Environmental Audit (Residential Audit)

Our team will assess your service’s current environment against industry standards and best practices, providing detailed recommendations to help you meet your compliance obligations.

Consumer Engagement/Documentation Review

As part of the Compliance Health Check, our Anchor Leader will engage with a sample of older persons and/or representatives to gather feedback on their overall wellness and satisfaction with the care and services provided.

Enhancing Aged Care Assessment Readiness

Ensuring your organisation is well-prepared for an assessment visit is crucial in showcasing a robust risk management strategy and boosting confidence in your team’s readiness for the specific areas that may come under scrutiny during the visit.

During a Compliance Health Check, our expert leaders conduct a high-level one-day assessment at your service, offering you an insightful overview of your preparedness for a Commission assessment visit. By identifying potential compliance risks, we provide tailored recommendations and highlight opportunities for improvement, empowering you to enhance and refine your care and services effectively.

Our Compliance Health Check offers a cost-effective solution to ensure peace of mind, knowing that your team is equipped with the necessary tools to excel during an accreditation visit or quality audit. Our dedicated team of leaders is committed to supporting you every step of the way, enabling you to achieve excellence in aged care.

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Anchor Excellence enables aged care leaders – boards, executives, managers – to strengthen their capability, align to the new industry dynamics, and deliver sustainable businesses.


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