High Performing Teams

High Performing Teams

Enhance team capabilities in aged care with our TMS Workshop: uncover preferences, strengthen communication, and boost collaboration.

What does it take to have a high performing team and why is it so important?

Stability, sustainability, and success in the aged care sector are fundamentally reliant on the ability of colleagues to collaborate effectively as a high-performing team. Navigating the dynamic changes in the Aged Care sector and effectively managing day-to-day operations can be challenging enough, without the added pressure of team members lacking alignment, cohesion, and support.

High-performing teams in this context are characterised by their engagement, understanding, and appreciation of diverse perspectives. They work cohesively to achieve their goals and objectives, valuing each other’s skills and capabilities. By fostering a culture of collaboration and mutual respect, these teams are better equipped to navigate industry changes, ensure compliance with regulations, and deliver high-quality care and services.

Furthermore, high-performing teams celebrate their successes, fostering a positive and motivating work environment. This not only boosts team morale but also enhances the overall experience for older persons and stakeholders.

Empowering High Performance with TMS

The Anchor Excellence High Performing Team workshops utilize TMS Accredited Profiles and the TMS framework, developed by Dr Charles Margerison and Dr Dick McCann 30 years ago. With over two million users across 190 countries, TMS supports individuals and organizations in achieving success as high-performing teams. This proven model combines working preferences, capabilities, accountabilities, and individual drive, resulting in increased energy, engagement, and the ability to reach full potential.

Through TMS Accredited Profiles, leaders gain self-awareness, understanding their strengths and areas for growth. The workshops foster effective communication, collaboration, and appreciation of diverse contributions. By leveraging individual strengths and promoting synergy, the workshops empower teams to consistently deliver exceptional results. The Anchor Excellence High Performing Team workshops provide a comprehensive approach to team development, enabling leaders to unlock their full potential and achieve outstanding performance.

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What’s included in a TMS workshop?

  • TMS Profile: Each team member completes a TMS Profile to assess their individual preferences for ways of working, communication styles, decision-making approaches, and information gathering and usage.
  • Workshop Phases: The workshop is divided into three phases. Phase One explores high-performing teams and the aged care reform agenda. Phase Two focuses on individual preferences and strengths. Phase Three involves action planning to translate workshop outcomes into practical steps for improvement.
  • Follow-Up Session: A follow-up session is conducted three months after the workshop to evaluate progress and implementation of the action plan. This session ensures ongoing team development and addresses any challenges or adjustments needed.
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Why Anchor Excellence?

Anchor Excellence enables aged care leaders – boards, executives, managers – to strengthen their capability, align to the new industry dynamics, and deliver sustainable businesses.


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