Workforce Demand Analysis

Workforce & Funding Management

Assess your care demands and clearly translate them into actions to improve the utilisation of resources available.

An all-inclusive solution

The tool will give you a solution:

  • To clearly understand and quantify your need for staff to ensure care needs are met
  • To identify the gaps that you have between your workforce demand and current supply 
  • To ensure that you are claiming the right level of eligible financial supplements, including expired AN-ACC assessments 
  • To ensure that there is no disparity in how similar care needs consumers are being treated

Backed by factual analysis

This solution helps you unpack your workforce demand, assess your current available workforce, determine gaps, and assess your financial costs, concurrently.

What’s included?

The Anchor Excellence Workforce Demand Analysis is for you if you are a Residential Aged Care provider challenged with any of below:

  • Lack of clarity of your workforce demands 
  • Reputational and regulatory risk of providing an inappropriate level of care 
  • Staff doesn’t seem to be enough and workforce strategy is unable to support the “ever-changing needs” 
  • Unsure about funding for gaps in demand vs current staff deployed
  • Unsure if all the care being provided is being adequately recovered from eligible sources 
  • Increase in incidents due to lack of required staff or risk of non-compliance 

Why Anchor Excellence?

Anchor Excellence enables aged care leaders – boards, executives, managers – to strengthen their capability, align to the new industry dynamics, and deliver sustainable businesses.


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