22nd February 2024

The Crucial Role of Policy, Process, and Competency Frameworks



Anchor Excellence

The aged care environment is dynamic. With this dynamism comes an increasingly  strong and rapid emphasis on quality, safety, and compliance. As aged care providers prepare to meet the Strengthened Aged Care Quality Standards (SACQS), the importance of robust policy, process, and competency frameworks cannot be emphasised enough. These foundational documents are crucial in ensuring compliance with legislation, regulations and the promotion of a culture of excellence in care delivery.

Understanding the Role of Policy, Process, and Competency Frameworks

Policy, process, and competency frameworks serve as the backbone of a compliant clinical governance system in aged care settings. They provide a structured approach to managing operations, guiding staff behaviour, and promoting best practices in care provision. With the SACQS placing a renewed emphasis on clinical competency across all levels of staff, it is imperative for organisations to align their clinical frameworks with these Standards driven quality outcomes.

Integrating Competency Assessments into Clinical Governance 

One of the key pillars of effective clinical governance is the assessment of staff competency. The Final Draft of the SACQS and accompanying guidance materials underscore the importance of ensuring that every worker possesses the necessary clinical skills and knowledge within their scope of practice. While the level of clinical competence may vary based on job roles, competency assessments are essential for upholding quality care standards, especially in areas requiring complex and technical nursing interventions.

Aligning Competency Frameworks with the SACQS 

To facilitate the seamless integration of the SACQS into daily practice, organisations must leverage comprehensive competency frameworks that align with the standards. These frameworks not only validate staff proficiency but also support the implementation of SACQS requirements across all facets of care delivery. By embedding competency assessments within the clinical governance framework, providers can enhance the quality, safety, and effectiveness of care services.

Anchor Excellence’s Comprehensive Suite of Clinical Competencies 

Anchor Excellence (AE) offers a suite of over 65 clinical competencies meticulously mapped to the SACQS. These competencies serve as a valuable resource for aged care providers seeking to enhance their clinical governance practices and meet regulatory expectations. By leveraging AE’s expertise and resources, organisations can streamline their compliance efforts, drive continuous improvement, and cultivate a culture of excellence in care provision.

To all aged care providers and professionals: It is crucial that we prioritise the integration of policy, process, and competency frameworks within both residential and community facing aged care services. By aligning these essential elements with the SACQS standards and utilising resources like Anchor Policy, providers can ensure a culture of excellence and compliance. 

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